Day one (again)


I had almost 8 months sober and one glass of champagne at a fancy dinner led to 2 months of sneaking around drinking wine again. I am in recovery today, trying to detox and reinstalled this app that I used faithfully for those 8 months. :pray:t3:


Welcome back! I hope this place and the people on it give you the strength you need to stay sober. I’ve just hit 4 months and I sometimes think about drinking again, but when I do I just remember that one drink is not worth the months I’ve stayed sober. Personally for me I know I can’t just have one so I don’t drink at all. Just take it day by day. @Englishd always says just try to stay sober today. That mentality has worked wonders for me.


“Only 409 days sober” Thats over a year that’s amazing. The strength it takes to do that deserves much more than an “only”. I felt like I was sober for an eternity it turns out it had only been a few months before I was back at it again I can’t imagine what over a year would’ve felt like. You deserve much more credit as well :two_hearts:


Just try and stay sober today. I love that


We’ve all been there. I’m right here with you! We can do it :slight_smile: I woke up today sober, refreshed and excited about life. God bless and stay strong!


8 months is great!!! At least you are back at it. I’ve gone back and forth so many times can’t even count how many first days I’ve had. Never made it more than a month. So ya 8 month is awesome. I hope I get there this time around. :v:t2:


1 glass stole 2 month’s from you this time, how much will it steal the next time?

Takes a great deal of humility to come back and admit defeat, glad you took the step.

Reset, recommit. I hope to see you around, the more sober people we have chirping the more beautiful the day.

Keep calm and trudge on :paw_prints::paw_prints:


Welcome back to a better place. 8 months was fantastic and only goes to show that you have it in you to beat this. Do not let it get you down because no one can take back those 8 months, those are yours to keep. I’m happy you’re back on the horse and ready for another run. I’m sure you learned how baffling and cunning the disease is. Keep checking in, we like seeing you here :slight_smile: