Day one againnnn

I’ve been in a rut. I made it 32 days and then fell off a couple weeks back and it’s been hard to quit ever since. Even with the horrible hangovers I keep giving myself. I think im going to try and snag a meeting this week…my anxiety just always talks me out of it.

I started reading a new book today though… “Quit Like a Woman” so hopefully that will help me stay focused as well. I hate waking up with the anxiety that I’ve done something wrong and the lack of energy from late nights cause I can’t put the beer down, but I still do it anyway.

I really hate how hard this shit is sometimes. :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Welcome back Amber.
Gratitude is my go to every morning on here for the last 600 something days.

Join us if you’re willing, great bunch on this thread.


Me 2 day one! Best of luck only will get better from here!


I will! Thank you!


I can promise you that your right It will get better but just for now don’t worry about what will happen, don’t have any expectations and put a time scale or any undue preasure on yourself bc right now your doing it YOU ARE SOBER, all you gotta do is stay there. Yes there’s going to be some discomfort but your not stupid you know that, yes the old mind games are going to start and your selfish ego is going to start demanding like a spoilt child but you know that too, so have a plan, suck it up for a while, it’s all perfectly normal and your not the Special One, it’s shit but it’s where we all started. Wish you well :+1:


Meetings work for me. I drank beer especially every day. Mostly all day. I kept it light (demeanor not volume of drinking), functioned, but I was miserable, depressed, paranoid, and full of anxiety.

10 months after my last drunk I have a lot less anxiety. I go to meetings. Its hard to go at first, but it was for everyone and they will know how to make you feel comfortable. In fact the understanding of how my brain works made me feel finally understood.

Im not pushing meetings but they helped for me. I still get weird going sometimes, but I remember being stuck in drinking and things got a lot better. Seems like you are really miserable drinking like I was.

I wish you the best.


Maybe try a meeting might help wish you well

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Well done you
I personally am not a 12 stepper
But I do a gratitude list every morning
It really helps
You’ve got this :grin::tada:

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