Day one being sober in a touring band


Well today is the first day I am actually trying to stop drinking. I have a history of substance abuse personally and in my family, but alcohol has always been the hardest one for me to stop.
I am in a touring band so I am in bars daily for long periods of time around alcohol.
I am off the road until January so I guess that will be the biggest struggle. Playing the first gig sober, and trying to get through down time without drinking.
If anyone has any advice that has been in a situation similar to this I would really appreciate the help.


Do you enjoy doing anything besides drinking? Honest question


Well yes but there isn’t anything I do that doesn’t involve drinking. When I also do mixing either I have a drink with me or the client has drinks and from there that turns into a 5th of whiskey or more. Recently I have noticed that drinking has gotten in the way of me rehearsing and learning new material, writing, being able to pack my gear, finishing work in the studio, getting new clients, motivation to do things I enjoy, etc.
I guess my biggest oh shit moment was the other day I got finished at a video shoot and my fiancé had to carry my gear and me into the car after I fell down a flight of stairs outside while carrying a rack, and this wasn’t the first time this has happened, but I do really want it to be the last.

So I guess the only thing I do enjoy doing is music and drinking, and it’s hard to do music without drinking or better yet I’ve never done it without drinking.


Well. Alcoholism is by and large progressive. You’re not too far down the chute but the nature of the drug tends to pull you further and further in. You don’t hear many stories of people drinking a little less and a little less.

You’re a far cry from homeless drinking from a paper bag but it’s important to realize it only gets worse. You can go thru all the bullshit and games about moderating or just walk away from the stuff. It’s a carcinogen that goes in your car.