Day one done and dusted!

No alcohol yesterday. First full day clean. Feel great. That’s what I hope motivates me most, feeling great every morning. Nothing worse than waking up feeling like crap from the night before.


The hangover free life style is where it’s at!

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I’m still loving my sober early mornings :heavy_heart_exclamation: One of the many gifts of my sober life.
My family still in bed and me downstairs in my onesie enjoying the silence of the new day and my coffee. Keep focussing on the good, because that crappy feeling you experienced in your drinking/using days will be on the background soon. That addict voice within you will try to convince you it’s time to party again and that you can have just one…I’ve been there and believed that voice many times. I’ve learned now.
Be prepared :grin:


The first day of the rest of your life. Good job on getting through. On day at a time will get you to forever.

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Write how you feel down, always good to reread… well done it is the best feeling ever…

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