Day one free from alcohol

Today is my real day one. Will be my first day in a long time being sober. I am working on my plan for how to stay sober, so far it includes journaling, talking to my loved ones about how bad it has actually gotten, finding a book to read about sobriety, and being here.

I’m ready for this. I’m doing it. I am so happy that I’ve made this decision and am looking ahead.


Also look up “sober” or “sobriety” on youtube.

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Welcome to the community your making the right choice sobriety is great keep up the good work take it one day at a time


Every journey starts with that first step. Well done and congratulations on making the commitment to yourself.

Sobriety is the scariest roller coaster you could imagine. You will fight demons and most of all you will fight yourself! Forget what you though or think you know, every day is a blank canvas, every journey you make has it’s dangers and every shop has triggers. You’ll probably notice them more.

Acknowledge them but don’t give in to them.

You are in control, you have the steering wheel to your life, now drive to that destination!


@Mellie welcome! This is a very supportive community so be sure to reach out here.

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Well, I have not hit the 24 hour mark but I made it past past dinner and into bed without a drink. Here’s to the first day of many!


I found a book called This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. It goes into the way you think about drinking both subconsciously and conscientiously and why.


So, what are your plans for the next and best part of your life?

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I don’t actually have any yet, so I’ll think about that. Work and life has been so busy, it’s been mostly about keeping afloat for the last couple of years. I know that being sober will help me handle that better, so I guess I’m hoping that getting through this first phase will help me figure out what the next one will look like.


Made it past my high risk time of the day and am now tucked in for bed. Day 2 in the books!


Congratulations on day one and starting your journey on a new you and new life. One day at a time and I wish you the best bon your journey.

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Very cool. Keep rackin’ up days. The best is yet to come.

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Well done! All the love and blessings in the world xxx

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On my third day, having a frustrating day at work, but am making a plan for activities tonight to stay away from drinking.


Wrapping up my third day right now!


@Mellie great job! Hang in there

Congrats, on day 40 now. It gets a little easier with time

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Wrapping up day 5!


Great job, I love seeing days add up like this for people, keep on going :sparkling_heart:

So I made it five days without a drink, then a glass of champagne at a wedding toast which lead to binging the last two days. I didn’t “enjoy” any of it as much as I thought I used to.

So today is my new day one. Feels a little different this time.