Day one kicking fent

I feel so ashamed to be here because I never thought I’d let myself get here but unfortunately i am… I ended up getting hurt at work and started taking fent pills which was the stupidest thing I’ve done. it’s day one of kicking it and I’m terrified. My husband has kicked it and he keeps telling me 3 days. I believe him of course I’m just so scared of the feelings…


Try and get through it and get to a meeting if you can, go easy on yourself, let the feelings come x


Thank you I haven’t thought about a meeting or anything

I have only been hooked on crystal so i cant comment on fent its all shit as far as im concerned none of its good 4 U but let me tell you i know you can do this 4 U everything else will fall in place. Be strong YOU GOT THIS.:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

Glad you’re here and decided to kick that shit. You can beat this monster lady. Sure, being dope sick sucks, but it does end at some point. Then we gotta work on the mind part of our disease or it can very easily sneak up.
Stay the course and we get to live. Big hugs & feel better soon.


Thank you I’m really struggling rn and don’t feel okay

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Take it one day at a time, if necessary one hour at a time. This shall pass! You will make it!

I’m 8 hours in and starting to want it bad unfortunately

Nobody will promise that the beginning is easy. But i can promise that it will get easier - it is worth for fighting

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I got be strong stay sober not at that point yet cuz am in rehab now doing treatment for drinking liquor