Day one. No idea how to start


Here we go. Day one. I need to quit drinking. I don’t want to. I really don’t. But it’s effecting everything in my life negatively. I want to be a better me. A better wife and mother and friend. That’s my mantra. And I know I can’t be the best me while drunk every night.


It’s hard. But first step is acknowledging that you have a problem. A lot of people do not! It takes a lot to admit it. So you should be proud that you are wanting to better yourself! I have struggle myself for a long time to quit drinking and I have notice that this app is helping a lot to stay sober this time! It’s a battle for sure though because I do love to escape reality A lot. But drinking was just that a short escape to just have to deal with it all over again the next day!

Just hang in there the first few weeks are hard. But once you notice how you are different with out the alcohol the push to stay sober is stronger!! It will get better! :heart:️:heart:️


Hey there and welcome. I want to start of by saying I’m glad you’re here. You didnt ene up on a sober forum for no reason ya know lol…
Keep checking in and ask for help when you need it.
Stay sober one day at a time. Sometimes moment by moment.
Try changing up your routine. The times youd normally drink, make sure your doing something else.
Keep yourself busy and distracted.
Get support, that one was very important for me! I get caught up in my head and my disease talks to me. Rather than act on it though, I reach out for help.
You may or may not be interested in AA, but that’s a great place to find some support and help. I go to meetings and really enjoy them now. At first, I did not. If you do go, look for the similarities and not the differences. People will welcome you with open arms.
I just wanted to suggest a few things to get you started. It’s up to you to take the suggestions… I wish you the best. I’m here to talk anytime youd like.


Thank you so much! You’re advice is very welcome. I am trying to find good information on local AA meetings and it’s a bit difficult. But I’ve got a couple resources that I’m going to ask. I’m going to keep up with the forum and a couple of other apps I’ve downloaded for motivation. Again thank you so much.


Welcome, Diana! This is a good place to be. I’ve just come back after going back out to my old drinking life. I’m working on Day 3 now. If you’re looking for other support try Women For Sobriety. it’s a non 12 step program designed for women by women. We follow the 13 Statements which are meant to regain control over your life and build a new life alcohol free. I know I’m still struggling to put together lengths of sobriety, but this program I feel has actually given me a chance.


Hi @DianaV. Welcome to the forum. It has been really helpful for me over the months… another suggestion is Smart meetings. There could be one local to you or they do online meetings too… good luck and keep popping back frequently to the forum… just reading other people’s post just show’s you your not alone and can beat alcohol and be happy :grin:


How do you do the Smart meetings online? I bought the smart recovery book and when I tried to sign up online multiple times it failed.


And I paid for that book!


Another reason why we should all be thankful to a Robin for allowing this free access


The smart recovery online system seems archaic to me. It doesn’t work! If you have additional info please advise🙂


Thank you. It literally failed me 5x


Hi @Bseven7 . I live in the UK so would access through the UK arm of smart…I go to weekly face to face smart meetings which are very good…try and Google smart in Wisconsin to see if there is a local group… sorry you are having problems… the website might be doing updates or something…I hope you find a local group :grin:


Hi @DianaV and welcome on board. I hope you’ll find this forum here as helpful as I do. Checking in here daily to read through the threads to find the motivation to stay strong. You’ll always find someone to talk with and all the shared life stories are eye opener in so many ways. Keep on asking, talking and fighting for a sober life style. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. Good luck on your way and keep us updated :muscle::muscle::muscle:


@DianaV - Welcome! I am also a wife and a mother of a two year old and a four year old who realized that my drinking had become completely unmanageable. I played games with myself for years. “Oh, I’ll only drink when I go out.”. “I’ll only drink at home.” “I’ll give up drinking for Lent.” “I’ll only have two.” “I’ll only drink wine.” The list goes on…

The reality is that I. Could. Not. Stop. I was waking up hungover and unable to be totally present with my children. I was craving a drink earlier each day.
I was pregaming in secret before going out and drinking in secret after my husband an children were asleep. I was hiding bottles and recycling. My life was a big mess.

I hated myself. I had become a liar, a fraud, a fake, and I hated myself. Do I want to quit drinking? Hell no. The thoughts of a life without wine are still horrible. So I try not to have those thoughts. I think only, “I’m not going to drink today.”

As I said before, I tried for years to control my drinking and/or to quit on my own. I could not. I had to admit to myself, to my husband, and to my closest friends that I am an alcoholic. For me, AA is essential. Getting a sponsor was essential. I am working the steps of AA. I am now 27 days sober, and I cannot tell you how much better my life already is. I have never felt as supported as I do by the people in my meetings. I feel at peace after I leave a meeting, in a way I haven’t felt in many years.

This forum is also a huge help. I check in several times a day, particularly if I am having a weak moment. Read peoples’ stories. They will remind you why you need to not drink.

I’ll close by telling you what my sponsor told me. I think of this every time I want to have a drink.

“If you play your cards right, your children will never remember their Mama as a drunk.”

I’m glad you are here. You are not alone. Please ask for the help you need!



@DianaV if you are still having trouble looking up local meetings let me know. I’m pretty good at finding em so I can help you out.


Youre like the meeting Yoda.


That would be really great. Thank you.


Thank you so much. It’s great to not feel so alone in this.


You are definitely not alone! I know how isolating this can feel, but we’ve got each other and more support systems around. @Englishd @C-sun @Bill_Phillips @Sober_Ninja @Yoda-Stevie @Ninetales @Kintsugi all have sage advice. Lots more people that I didn’t list do as well. You can do this! We can do this!


you should have listed yourself aswell :slight_smile: