Day one...sick as a dog

I have tried everything to quit/com til my drinking. Today I had to miss work because I am extremely sick. Throwing up…cold sweats, anxiety, guilt, all because I am been drinking extremely heavily for the past 20 years of my life.

I know it is killing me and am on my “last chance” at my job.

Any advice for getting through this extremely difficult time and get sober and stay sober?

Thank you


Getting sober and staying sober is one of the hardest journeys we as humans have to endure the constant set backs the shame guilt etc but trust me when I say when we you get it and work a program that suits you (there’s so many out there) life is great it feels great for once we’re actually living. Do you get outside community support like as or nna or smart recovery,as we can’t do this alone


Thank you for reaching out. I’ve tried it all, rehab, psych ward, switching from wine to beer, I’m up for anything because I really feel like this is my last chance

Bless your heart I’m not sure about alcohol detox but I’ve heard it can be dangerous. Are u able to get to a doctor or alcohol services? Im a recovering drug addict but I know u can call up aa to get help and support x

Hey Allie I just read what you wrote about trying to quit after 20 years of alc abuse. I just replapsed again for the 30th time after 10 years of drinking the heavy stuff. I realized one important thing after failing over and over again and that’s that quiting isn’t an overnight process. It’s a bunch of small things done right that add up to the ultimate accomplishment of giving up the abuse. Drinking on the weekends is better then drinking everyday and having 2 beers a night is better then downing full bottles of vodka on the weekend… What I’m trying to say is that you gotta start somewhere… Don’t beat yourself up. Be proud of the small changes. You need to find discipline that’s the key. The time you’d spend drinking substitute it with a hobby, something else you like or love to do, then stay consistent and treat yourself on a Saturday to a drink during a movie night, or while you watch a favorite show etc instead of being out of control… well I hope this mail finds you well and I hope it helps. I’m resetting my soberiety clock back tonight because I relapsed but I went 14 days straight before I did, then enjoyed myself 3 times since then… getting back on the horse is the most important thing!


Thank you for your heartfelt words … I will say some prayers for your first day back on the wagon :slight_smile: