Day One, Still in the Fight

Today is my new day one. I’m going to start treating my recovery as a full-time job since that’s what it needs to be. Going to read or contribute in here every day. I’m also going to be honest with my girlfriend and my close friends, which I had not done before


That sounds like a great start to me! Congratulations! :tada:
Give it all :facepunch:

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Hell yeah! Your recovery “tree” can start growing, now that it’s planted. The capacity to be honest has helped numerous people stay sober. Sounds like you’re off to a good start! Proud of you.

You are off to a great start! We’re all here cheering you on and ready to offer support and encouragement when you need it.

That sounds like a great start!!!

Much strength today! Yes all my days have number one priority to stay clean. In a few years I will have other priorities but right now its the first thing to work on every day!