Day ten. Feeling good. No great!

Today is day ten no booze. Very proud I’ve made it this far… my sleeping is amazing . I’m thought process is clearing up. I have energy to do things after work! It’s all good stuff . Thank u all !!


Well done! I love that feeling, sleeping all night, waking up fresh, being able to function all day!

Keep it up!

I’m brand new and on day 12 no alcohol. I still have major tremors. Is that normal? I honestly don’t know how to ask in a group of people.

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Oh, and that’s amazing!! Congratulations!

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Hello, I’m brand new here and have 12 days alcohol free but still have tremors pretty bad. Who can I ask about how long this will last? I was given a couple meds and it knocks it out but I don’t want to take them forever. Thank and sorry for the inconvenience.

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