Day three and I'm scared and ashamed

I’m on my third day. I’m feeling better. I just lost three great jobs for going to work drunk. I went to school drunk. I embarrassed myself drunk around my kids. I have to eat this before it kills me. I drink until I get sick. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get better. I can not continue on this way or I will destroy myself and everything I have ever worked for. People at the job was gossiping about me and it just made me feel worse. I’ve been making meetings and I’m looking for a sponsor. Any advice?


You’ve made the right decision coming here. Lots of resources. You will find another job. Take this time off to take care of yourself and your kids. Stop drinking, and get medical help if you can’t do it cold turkey. Every day not drinking will make you feel better. You dont have to feel ashamed or hungover anymore. Welcome.


People will talk. If not about this, about something else. Let who you will become shine through.


Don’t give up, it gets easier every day. Soon you won’t believe how good you feel. I have 110 days and feel great! My 3 kids love it. So does my husband. I embarrassed myself so many times , and people will talk,but this to will pass. I’ve lost many jobs too. Soon you won’t believe how good you feel. Welcome, come here for support, there is alot of it here


Hi Tyiesha. Congratulations on 3 days. Glad your here. The journey through sobriety is not an easy one but it sounds like you are ready to do whatever it takes. I was a heavy drinker for many years. This is what worked for me.
My first sober weekend I spent camping at a sober festival. Attending meetings and workshops night and day.
I read and watched anything about the effects of alcohol on my body.
Attended AA meetings
Got phone numbers
Kept busy cleaning and organizing
I told close family and friends I was quiting
Talked to my dr and got on naltrexone to help with cravings.
Slept when I could
Ate what I wanted
Stayed far away from alcohol. I stopped going to store that sold it didn’t eat out for months and no parties.
When I needed to attend an outing I called my sponsor before and attended with a sober friend or dragged my husband who doesn’t drink.
It may sound drastic but my life was on the line.
Wishing you the best. You can do this. Know your not alone. Someone is always here


Welcome. This is a wonderful first step. You will find that most of us have been where you are. Some sort of program is my advice. There is a lot of infor on here. Read, asks questions, get active on here. You are worth a sober life.


I think you’re off to a good start. You want to get better, and you’ve started following up your good intentions with action by making meetings. Don’t underestimate the importance of this – intending to do the right thing is good, but it’s nothing compared to following through with it. If you’re feeling better on your third day, it seems likely that you’re through the worst of it physically, and need to start focusing on the mental aspect.

Regardless of how strong you feel in refusing alcohol, I would still do whatever you can to limit the alcohol you’re exposed to since you’re early in recovery. Even if you think you can handle being around it – maybe you can, but I consider it much safer not to test it out. Things may change later on when you have established a more solid foundation.

Also, if you have specific details about your case that you’re wanting more information relating to it, like mental health, living with someone who drinks, etc. there are many threads you can find by searching the forum, or you can create one yourself.

Welcome to the forum! We’re a good recovery tool as well. There’s people to talk to who get it, lots of wisdom to be gleaned, and even actual fun here and there :slight_smile:


Yes I have started making meetings and I am looking for a sponsor. I have been trying to get with some sober women to learn sober living.


Yes I am really done. I can not control it and I do the most irresponsible things when I drink. I always intend on only drinking a little and I wind up embarrassing myself. I don’t want to kill myself and the hangovers are getting worse. Pretty soon I won’t be able to get a job for bad references. I have to change. I’m killing myself


I’m going to continue to go to a meeting daily. I’m a look for a sponsor to help me with the steps. I’m so glad that I found this app its awesome. I get shy in meetings and I don’t like to talk but I’m a try to engage more with people. I have to do whatever it takes.


Nothing wrong with just going and listening. I know I did for a while. By seeking a sponsor and showing a willingness to work the steps you are pointing yourself in the right direction. That spiritual awakening is brought about slowly, over time, but I assure you that it does come.


I agree, this app is awesome. I live in a city where there’s heavy drinking; all social events revolve around alcohol. So I didn’t really tell anyone I don’t want to drink anymore in case they didn’t get it. Felt very alone and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself. But the kindness I have felt from this app’s community has really empowered me. Well done on the 3 days. Let’s do this together!

Also wanted to add: You’re not defined by your mistakes. It’s what we do to rectify them that matter.


Welcome. You’ve made the decision to be better, now be better. Meetings, therapy, treatments, this forum, a sponsor, prayer, exercise, accountability partner’s, medication, all of these are valid strategies to aid you in getting better.

But it all comes down to you, and your ability to say “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink. It all comes down to saying “no” to the hardest person to say “no” to…yourself.

You can do this, if you want to be better. Be better and keep getting better at getting better each and every day. Sobriety is saying “no”
, one drink at a time.


I don’t know if you’re still on here, (I’m not great with technology;-) but your story sounds similar to mine… I wondered how you were doing and whether you could offer any advice to help me?

When I got sober, I got on Antabuse from my doctor, I saw a counselor one on one every week, went to an intensive outpatient program, went to AA and worked with a sponsor. I did something every day to work my sobriety and I haven’t looked back . Blessings on your house :pray:.