Day1 _ insecure about it

This is my day 1, I think the most difficult part will be keeping myself sober at social meetings. I’m not daily basis drinker. I usually drink only at party, and dinner with friends, which doesn’t happens that frequently. . And sometimes it turns to a big binge drinking night, which often continues to drinking the day after too. After this, I feel really hungover and depressed. I only feel better 3 or 4 days after. I confess I’m afraid of changing all my social life without drinking, but also I really don’t want to feel these great hangovers anymore. Thank you for the support!


Hey welcome, I was a every day drinker. So I know where you’re coming from, and you’re right on with the anxiety and depression lasting for about 4 days after. And then we feel better and think let’s drink again, and then repeat the hate and anxiety for another 4 days. And when you fully stop it seriously feels good, it’s definitely a little rough but it feels good. I haven’t had anxiety in like the last 20 days, I’ve had some foggy and depressed days. But it really feels good when you stop drinking. One thing I look at when I go out now, is everything I thought about drinking is a lie. I thought it made me funner, and happier, and cool, and more social. Which is seriously all a lie, and see it now. I go hang with my friends who drink with no issues, bc I realize I hang out with them bc they make me happy, I don’t need the alcohol to do that, we just think we do. Alcohol definitely doesn’t make us any of those things, actually it takes it all away, we become less social with meaningless conversation that we can’t remember, it takes away all are inhibitions so that we start doing things we wouldn’t do sober, leading to us with anxiety, and depression for the next 4 days. A good book which I keep recommending bc it’s what helped me is this naked mind by Annie grace, some ppl like it and some don’t. But it got me sober and realize what alcohol really does.theyre are alot of good knowledge able ppl on here who will help. But coming here was a very good step for you:) and


My suggestion on the social stuff.

Own your sobriety 100%. Be honest and upfront about it. Make sure people know you haven chosen this path.

And… Keep a soda in your hand the entire time.

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Thanks for the kind reply Mike it’s the first time for me at these kind of group talking. It feels very good to know that others had the same problems but fight back, and try to have a better self. All the best!

Thanks for the advice! All the best