Dealing with guilt and shame after a relapse!

I tend to beat myself up coming back from a relapse. I was 2 years sober and fucked up. How ccould i be so stupid right. All i know is support and lots of support!


Welcome! This is a great place, it has saved my life. You beat yourself up because you know with 2 years of sobriety, life is better sober.

What happened? Why did you go back out? This time around what can you do to enhance your sobriety so it doesn’t happen again? These are all questions we can help you with.

Reach out if you need help!


Thank you so much! Part of its my waight, my aunts stash was out. I found it. Ppl, places, things,it was like impulse once it was in my hand i had to do it there was no thinking. Then afterward i beat myself up and wonder why im such an idiot and why cant i controle myself yet.

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Lesson learned right? So something good will come from this f*ck up. For me the main reason I am sober for a prolonged period of time now is the support I found. And I found it right here. Hope this place can be that for you too Alex. All success. Together we’re strong. Welcome!


Welcome Alex! You messed up but that isn’t the end of your story. You’re in the right place with this community, to make sure it’s just a short chapter in the long book of your life.

Pick yourself up and go again you know what to do learn from it and all is not lost good luck in your journey

Every mistep in life is a learning opportunity. You learned what happens when you let your guard down or stop working your program. Take what you’ve learned and build on it. That’s progress, that’s growth.

Wish you well.

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I relapsed after 5 years sober so I know how you feel.
You can’t change the past so focus on the future. Try to use the negative feeling to change it into energy to do it better this time. If you play your cards right you never have to feel this way again!
You where 2 years sober so you know how to do it and you can do it again!

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Thank u! I do know what to do. Im just taking each day one day at a time with all my support.

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Read Allen Carr easy way. It makes so much sense

Thank u! I will definitely do that!