Dear diary 🥀

Living life in part recovery and part relapses is the weirdest thing I’ve gone through, though this has been the only life I ever really knew or lived. I’m constantly stressing about everything and anything. It makes me nervous to be 100% sober, however, being an addict 20% of the time (I know it doesn’t actually work like that but it feels that way) also stresses me out. Trying to change and live a different lifestyle is daunting. I’m so used to hiding except that has never done anything useful for me.

I’m aware that I can be quite a responsible person if I just went and seeked professional help. My soul is crying to be heard, so I don’t mind spilling my feelings out to random strangers on the internet that I’ll never meet face to face.

Y’all are the real MVPs ⚘


You can do it stay strong. Try a meeting do the steps it will make you awnser questions about yourself then you can become aware of why you use so that you can work on thoes issues .

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