Death of a Unicorn

Aloha Friends,

No matter how much I come on here to try and offer positive support, the same thing happens, men find my face as an excuse to flirt with me via DM and it honestly makes me sick since codependent me are my BIGGEST TRIGGER.

I hope you all the best and stay away from that projectile judgement… karma will always judge you back!

As for my selfie, nature will always support me in my sober endeavors to find my way out of this mans world to help protect future generations from the men who lurk behind the scenes.

Aloha a ho :unicorn::footprints:

@Robin how do you sleep at night?! 0 and 1 this next time :heart:(+):blue_heart:(=):purple_heart:



I don’t post any selfies for this very simple reason :weary::laughing::woman_shrugging:

That is one thing I always love about WFS, the non attention to personal pics etc. Because there just aren’t any. :hugs:

Maybe check it out?


Just sent you an email. Gosh… this forum only gets more and more viperous.

I appreciate your anonymity SO MUCH!

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Good luck to you! I hope you learn to not generalize half a population.


@naturehippy77 Are you okay?

Well, I hope you don’t disappear @naturehippy77.
You’ve been through the worst possible indignity, having your children taken away from you by a cult that’s on the same level of crazy as Scientologists (and I’ve got plenty of experience of those crazies), now you end up getting hit on, in what should be an environment you feel safe and comfortable. And this has happened to others in the past.
Why are the people that get up to this bs allowed to get away with it?
If @Robin and the moderators are informed, check out the DMs and it’s shown that this is valid, why aren’t the forum members (forum) names made public, in the forum?
As you’ll no doubt sense, this massively pisses me off as it’s NOT a dating site for fuck’s sake.


Please know that we will take appropriate action against anyone using this site to hit on people. Please screenshot or add the moderators to any private messages that are inappropriate so we can take action.



Your posts lately seem really aggressive to me. There’s a lot of shaming of innocent bystanders going on.

I hope you find some peace @naturehippy77


You sound like you are in pain @naturehippy77. And it is 100% understandable considering all you’ve been through. To have DMs that go beyond acceptable behaviour on a recovery site is just abhorrent.

I miss the unicorn. I hope she comes back soon. She showed me the world in a way I never could have imagined.


I completely agree that no one needs to be hit on through DMs here. I also know that if you tell a mod they take care of that shit ASAP. There’s quite a few suspended accounts to prove it. If it’s happening the mods need to be made aware. But I also don’t feel like people should get a pass on calling bashing certain religions, certain sexes, and masturbation addicts…


Keep in mind that things go on behind the scenes with the moderators and members.

No one knows that better than me :joy::joy:.

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Seriously, do flag posts you find inappropriate or otherwise against the forum rules. We can’t eyeball every thread, tho I know it might seem like it.

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That would be a full time job. Tell @Robin you want them big bucks lol

:orange_heart: this:

Dom, I miss you and am sorry if you have lost custody of your girls. That is a real shame if true.

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Yep was just thinking the same thing!

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You guys don’t know Dom! She had been super positive on here from the very early days. You can/should read some of her old stuff! She has inspired me so many times.

Don’t just bring someone down just to bring them down on here. It isn’t in the spirit of this forum. :disappointed_relieved::v:


Well said @Kareness. We all go thru difficult periods in life. We should raise eachother up, not cut eachother down. Especially when someone is obviously in pain.:neutral_face:


She was acting discriminatory towards men, bashing certain religions and telling masturbation addicts that their addiction isn’t real. She’s hardly a saint. I get the cry for attention stuff she normally does. That’s run of the mill addict stuff. But what she did over the last 2 days was full blown bullshit. I don’t care how bad someone is struggling that doesn’t give them an excuse to act like that.

“Oh man, I’m having a bad day. Most because of all the _______ people.” Fill in blank with a minority and see how long you last without getting suspended.