Declutter your home and your life

Your on a roll :grin:
You have done alot.

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Makes sense. My mum is decluttering her home and she has alot of stuff. And when I was moving and decluttering we ended up realising we were swapping stuff because neither could part with stuff.
So now we have to just say no to eachother.


Yessssss! That is how its done!!


My legs were so sore this morning when I woke up, I didn’t realize how many trips up amd sown the stairs I did!! #LegDay


Great work!


Yeah, I bet that feels goooood! :smile:

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When you look at the areas you have tackled you will feel so good :100:

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I’ve been meaning to write this here for a while; I hope it’s ok to. For a while I’ve been following a lady named Courtney Carver, who has a website-blog-internet thing called Be more with less. She’s all about simplifying your space and your life while being gentle with yourself, and even though she gained following with something about dressing with only 30 pieces of clothing for a month, she has a whole lot of content about decluttering and making things easier for yourself in your life, which is what I mainly pay attention to.

I’ve found her “lists” useful as prompts whenever I’ve felt at a roadblock with clearing out physical spaces or my mind. These lists are also food for thought, as they’ll include things like “wooden spoons” and “ten expectations you have of adults that are not yourself”. I find the mix interesting, and even if I don’t sit down to write unreasonable expectations right after chucking splintered wooden spoons, I may find myself thinking about this during the day.

I’m currently slowly working down this list (though I do skip stuff if I think it’s not applicable): 63 things to declutter

And something really interesting about her is that when asked what was the one thing that really helped the most in simplifying her life, she’s clear that it was giving up alcohol. She’s got some very detailed and honest blog posts about it. I only found this out after following her for a while, but I thought it was so very apt. :smile:

Anyway, maybe you know about her already. Or maybe you didn’t, and her work may be helpful.

Love and empty spaces for you all! :grin: