Depressed and confused

I’ve been doing so good since getting home from rehab a few weeks ago… I feel like a whole new person and a new perspective on my life. So much motivation to continue doing the right thing, but my husband hasn’t changed much. He still talks down to me and says horrible things… I was trying to get him to help me clean the sheds and the side of the house and all I get is that I’m a pushy fucking bitch and useless and lazy and this and that and fuck off its his day off and apparently everyday is a day off for me even though I’m at home raising my daughter… my heart is breaking because I can’t take this much longer. I don’t deserve to feel less then and I just don’t know what to do. He wants another baby but I’m going to get birth control tomo I don’t want another one with the way I am being treated… I feel like I am ranting I’m just at a loss right now :frowning: it’s like I take a step forward but 12 back and I don’t want to relapse :broken_heart:

First, congratulations on completing rehab and staying sober! You should be proud of yourself.

It makes me really sad the way your husband is treating you. No one deserves to be treated that way. I can’t imagine it will help with your sobriety. Can you talk to him and explain? Will he listen? I am very worried about you.

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Well done for rehab. I think you may want to think more about you and not him. Clear out the shed for you, clean up for you. Leave him be if that’s the response you get. Then when you feel good about all the things you’ve done whilst sober, think about your relationship. The fact you don’t want a second child with him speaks volumes. Keep doing stuff for you! Well done and keep going!