Depressed and wanting to feel better


Hi, this is my first time posting. I’ve had the app for a few months and have just been reading everyone’s posts, so I think I may find someone on here that can relate and/or offer some advice. I have 142 days sober from alcohol, I went to rehab for 30 days in October, but picked up after a week when I went back to work and got fired. I go to meetings, I got a sponsor, and I was able to stop but I’m not happy, joyous, and free at all. I’m severely depressed and anxious all the time. When I’m not at work (I got another job that I hate and resigned from and have 2 more weeks left) or at meetings I’m in bed watching tv or trying to sleep. I’m not doing a great job of keeping my house clean or making dinner for my children. I just want to hide from everything. I know I have to get out of this funk but I have no motivation. I know I should pick up the phone and call other people in the program, but I always feel like a burden and like I’m going to bring people down. I’m thinking I should speak to a therapist, but I figure until then I can get out my feelings here. Thanks for letting me share.


Antidepressants helped me quite a bit.


Hi, I am on Effexor but I think I need something added to that.


Ask your doctor about Buspar…it worked wonders in combination with my wellbrutin when I was on it.


There’s definitely nothing wrong with getting outside help. The majority of people I know in the rooms, myself included, see trained professionals. My theory is find support anywhere you can get it. It does get better, but sometimes it doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like, or we only focus on the bad things. I know a lot of people who would be happy to have any job or a house to call their own. For me remembering how bad things used to be helps me appreciate the now. Try starting a gratitude list and adding three things to it each day. Learn to appreciate the little things that we overlooked during our addiction. For example it was cloudy and cold today, but I looked it like it would be a nice day to get some miles on the bike bc I wouldn’t get to sweaty.


Thanks for responding guys. I definitely should be doing a gratitude list nightly, and I will ask about adding buspar. Thanks again :blush:


What recently helped me feel way better is not to fight against the feeling anymore and try to accept it. I put my ‘wanting to feel good’ aside and tried to let it be. After 3/4 days i started to feel better because of it! Good luck with your sobriety


Even if it may seem like you’re a being a burden, I guarantee you are not. People in a program offer help because they genuinely want to help. They have gone through similar situations and they know how to handle them. Never be afraid to ask for help. That’s what I’ve learned so far. Never give up hope. You are your own motivation. Try to be a better you than you were the day before. You can do this!(: I am always here to chat.


You are depressed. Friends and family and programs can only help so much. You need to see a psychiatrist, who can help you fix your brain chemistry. You wouldn’t do physical therapy with a broken arm, until the break healed. This is similar.


Thank you. I just hate feeling like I’m complaining all the time when I reach out. The only thing on my mind is that I can’t handle my job and that I only have next week left there and I haven’t found another job yet. I keep thinking in my head that I don’t wanna drink over it, but I just wanna hide in bed and not deal with anything, and that’s kinda the same as drinking over something so u don’t have to deal with it. Not sure if that makes sense :confused:


Yes I definitely think I need to talk to someone. I have to pick up the phone and make that phone call to make an appointment and stop hiding in bed so I don’t have to deal with anything


I think I know exactly how you feel. When depressed, it is like climbing a mountain to first figure out who to call, then call them, then go to the appointment. It seems like so many hurdles, and you just want to sleep.

But you HAVE to do it. Maybe not all at once. First, today, find a piece of paper and a pen and write down those three steps. Then you can go back to bed. Tomorrow, tackle the first step. Go to your insurance’s website, and search for psychiatrists. Make a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses. Then check that task off on your piece of paper with the steps. Then go back to bed if you want to. Then, Friday, call them, one by one. Just start at the top of the list. Ask if they are taking new patients. If they are, schedule an appointment, and you are done for the day. If they are not, move on to the next one. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, check that off your list of steps. Do not throw away your list of names, you may need it again. You can then go back to bed. Now, your only job is to get to that appointment. I would arrange for someone to drive you there. That puts one more safety net in you getting up and going to the appointment. Put it in your calendar. Set alarms. Just get to that appointment.

You can do this. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.


Ive been a big supporter on natural antidepressants some work some dont. I ve had good luck with 5 HTP . But do some research first. My mom is on 20 prescription meds. I never want to go that route. Just an idea.