Depression is killing me

I found out today that my Uncle overdosed on heroin. I’m trying my best to stay strong but since I haven’t been doing good my depression has only gotten worse. Part of me doesn’t want to continue my sobriety but part of me doesn’t remember how to give up! I’m just in so much pain, I want it all to go away!

You’re stronger than you know. The habit of not picking up is becoming ingrained. Keep struggling bro. What can you do to improve the situation of those around you? Did your uncle die or is he in bad shape?


Seek medical attention. There are hotlines to call and 24/7 that are helpful. You need to believe in yourself. You’ve been through so much already, your stronger than you think you are.


Damn friend, you just can’t catch a break. I’m so sorry you are going through all this. I definately agree about reaching out for more professional help, but I’m also glad you keep reaching out here. Any and all avenues are necessary. I’m here for you, even if I’m not on the forum all the time. You are in my thoughts. Hopefully your sleep is still better because I know how bad that effects things.

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He died, he was 46 and suffered from cancer. He’s been an addict since he was a teenager.

Its a hard long struggling life and cycle when on opiates. Its almost inevitable that we will either die, be homeless, or in jail. Atleast if he od’d he didnt feel any pain to his death. Sorry for your loss. Your not the reason for his using or problems. If he were able to come back. im sure he would much rather see you sober then follow his pain and path… keep strong! as getting through this situation will make you and your sobriety even stronger…


I hear you. I am sorry about your Uncle. I know that feeling well of wishing it all would change, it sucks. I hope you will stay strong. Do know that you matter and you can get thru this straight and sober. It isn’t easy, but feeling our feelings is okay. Do talk with your doctor if you are having dark thoughts or call the hotline


I am sorry you are hurting.


Damn dude, this hurts my heart for you. So sorry for your loss! Keep hanging in there, I know how hard it is. My aunt passed from her drug and alcohol abuse slowly, it was horrid to watch and she was in denial about it, even at the very end. My dad was sudden. Both suck ass. Our addictions will kill us if we give in to bury the pain, but we aren’t really living if we do that anyway. Someone once told me that we have this insane perception that we are never supposed to feel hurt and that’s why we look to mask it instead of working thru it and that really stuck with me. It hurts but we have a choice, work thru it, live life differently and find peace with it eventually or put our families thru more pain and keep the cycles going. Please keep fighting, I know you can do this my friend. I’m rooting for you all the way!!! :heart: