Depression is so insidious it compounds daily

Update*** Just to clarify I frequent AA often I am talking about finding somebody on this app to talk to regularly about sobriety so everyone with Tips about going to meetings or reading the book can just save it I really need someone talk to frequently. I just drove my only friend away and I feel very vulnerable and I want to drink. I have no motivation to get in and out of bed. I can’t eat or drink water. Idk what to do. I can’t do this alone and the people in AA never seem to help me because of the generation gap. I’m so miserable today. I have no money for food or necessities. I am very depressed to the point of being in a 50 foot deep hole I dug for myself. I just want a friend? Is that too much to ask for?? :weary:



Depression is tough but you can win against it

Youll be ok i promise.

If you want to buy alcohol, buy food insted. We dont need a substance to live.

If you can, at a nice easy pase, not quickly, try to get organized. Keep it simple.

Check out some nice calm music. A youtube station is called lofi hiphop

Its sunny here in central ma usa
How about your area?

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Call your local AA service center and ask for the young people’s meeting’s or phone numbers for people in YPAA. I’m in a lot of YPAA facebook groups and they are stepping up with video meetings and other ways to stay connected.

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Making friends here absolutely isn’t too much to ask for. Although I would say you will get out what you put in. And, as in real life, building good relationships takes time.

I have found this app such a wonderful support network. My best advice is to read, read and read some more. Get the feel of the different personalities and threads - some you will click with more than others.

Depression sucks and so does feeling alone. But being hungover, depressed and alone would be even worse. Play the tape through to the end and remember why you are here.

Keep checking in and reach out whenever you need to! :pray::sparkling_heart:

Edit - I noticed you’re coming up to one year sober. Milestones can be weird - don’t let any expectations about where you think you should be let you forget how far you have come!


I :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: lofi hip hop when I am feeling terrible!

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me too

my anxiety can get really strong and lofi totally levels me out