Depression trigger warning

i’ve been feeling extremely disheartened recently. i’m 5 months and 3 days sober today and i have been feeling suicidal. haven’t felt like this for years. i’ve been on antidepressants for 3 years but i feel like they are starting not to work. it feels so easy to just quit this sobriety thing and numb my feelings again. but i really don’t want to. advice on overcoming these feelings without ruining sobriety?


Who prescribed the antidepressants? Is it possible to talk with them?

The mind is a terrible place to be trapped, I feel for you.


Talk with your doctor, maybe you can switch antidepressants?


I’d go see your doctor. Remember that since you have been taken your meds you have also been using your DOC. This will have an affect now that you have stopped. Your body is changing and dealing with the meds differently.


Definitely talk to your doctor. I was taking antidepressants for 5 years and they suddenly stopped working. We increased the dosage and it seemed to help. CBT also helped me.

I hope you feel better soon. Depression is awful and I feel your pain.

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Yes! I agree. Time to start with some new stuff. Hold on b/c it can take a while to find the right combo.
Just DON’T stop them. Wean as your Doc suggests.
We’re all here for you @yesim16

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