Derailment Graveyard

I like to troll people, so I guess I can be quite an as#hole.
It’s all fun and jokes though, since I never intend any real harm to another being :innocent:

I knew it! When I saw that you were working on your own program I thought to myself “this dudes a troll.”

Well played🤠


The program thing is real and not an attempt to troll.

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Not all harm is intended. Depending on how it’s done, trolling can create quite a mess, especially behind the scenes where it can turn out not so much fun and jokes for quite everyone. I like a bit of fun as much as the next guy, but I think awareness of how our words impact others is key.


Very true.
I try to keep it at mild level.
It’s for the best, to not get overboard with joking.

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Love this! Hahahaha troll the troll


Oh. My apologies


Also keep in mind that trolling is against the rules here.


You are forgiven :innocent:
I enjoy little naughty fun here and there :blush:

This is where all the broken toys end up😪


I’m not up on today’s lingo so what is trolling? Is it like stalking?

No, trolling is basically lying, or as some would call it - baiting for responses. For example - it could be telling something controversial to someone to get their response.
It’s a mechanism of forced response from someone.

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Ehmmmm…ok then.

Depends on the motives of the client.
It’s a fair deal - I pay and I receive.

My motives weren’t to harm a person or use a sex worker as a tool.
I was just wanting to get the experience, to know the experience.

I wouldn’t be too hard on guys, who just wanted to experience sex for the first time.

I also realised, that she didn’t feel any real empathy towards me and just wanted the money, while trying to minimise the efforts she had to put towards having sex

It doesn’t sound like you had much empathy towards her. This actually reads as a complaint that she didn’t ‘perform’ well enough.


That’s a pretty despicable comment to make mate! :pensive::pensive::pensive::exploding_head:
You can add the bad service to your list of people who have wronged you and caused your addiction like you not getting enough attention as a child


That raises a good question: what is it, to ‘get the experience’ of sex? Is sex:

  • a mechanical process that requires only putting two people in a room
  • a transactional event, like buying bread or a bus ticket
  • a vulnerable, exposed, connected & collaborative, loving experience between mutually engaged and interested partners

I think the answer to the question of what sex is has a bearing on what we say here.

In general though I also think the spirit of the original post was about sharing one person’s story in an effort to open eyes so there may be some value in considering opening another thread if we’re going to go into this topic :innocent:


Your just digging yourself a bigger hole pal


For me it was about experiencing what feels like when what happens.
Don’t want to be too graphic in the description, to not trigger someone unintentionally.