I’m on day one of Detox with the help of my local drug and alcohol center. My head feels awful and my body aches. Sweats, nightmares, depersonalization. It’s horrible. I need to beat this thing. I need to live my life clean from Booze. Its destroying everything. Does anyone have any advice, encouragement?


Take each day as it comes… dont look ahead. Reaffirm your commitment to staying sober every morning.

What seems impossible can be possible if you want it and work at it.

Make it a point to read in these forums at least an hour per day. If you have AA meetings in your area it would be a great idea to attend it can be helpful in relating to people who have your same struggles and creating a recovery plan.

Congratulations on your first day sober!


Make note of how you feel right now. Every ache, pain, negative thought, and emotional feeling. When you get better and an urge or temptation hits, think about how bad it was before you made it.

You’ve got this! The fact that you want it so badly means you are a winner.

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In my case, there is no beating alcohol. I threw in the white flag, why get in the ring with the guy who only needs 1 punch to send you to your grave. I surrendered 18 months ago and have been prevailing since.

1 is too much and 1000 is not enough.

Life isn’t magically gonna get better, there isn’t going to be a parade in your honor, practically no one is going to understand, alcohol is still going to be served everywhere, you’re not gonna be a happy person for a while.

My advice, get into the rooms of AA, right into the middle of the pack, become a member of the community, surround yourself with sober people, doing sober things, living sober lives.

We don’t pick up a drink no matter what.


Each day is a win. Dont count the number of times you relapse, rather consider each day you are sober a win.
.be it day 1 for the 100th times…thats a hundred day bro.

Also personally i find that messing up my regular routines help…example after work, drive home…stop by the bar…i change it to after work…have a rewarding meal…new restaurant each time…or gymn…new habit forming helps.

Keep it up. You can