Detoxing from meth

Hey . So I’m day #6 from detoxing from methamphetamine. This isn’t my first rodeo. Ive had this addiction on and off for ten years. The last few years I’ve really wanted to find the strength and will to live completely free and healthier.

The time has arrived and I’m not looking back. For some reason this detoxing has hit me harrrrdd. I’m currently got a nasty cold/flu.

Can anyone who is experienced on this subject tell me how long it took them to feel better from this nightmare?


A few weeks in my experience… Stay connected… We’re all recovering here… Welcome to Sober Talk… :blush:


Took me about a month to fully detox. Was still in bed with sweats and tremors sleeping all day everyday at 4 weeks. Thankfully I was found while trying to detox alone after three days and taken somewhere safe.

I think it depends on how much you were using, how you were using and for how long.

Sorry you have a bug on top of the pains of detoxing. Sleep it off if you can, it will get better I promise. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: