Diary for sobriety


A friend of mine had a point, we need to write diary, every day. It disciplines one, it lessens all the inner emotional chaos, puts life into perspective, ground us.
Ive never been a real fan but I took his suggestion serious and I write in it every day. Its really nice that the possibilities are endless.

Its also nice as a tool for sobriety. As addicts, we have too much time , if we stop using. One may write in his diary : Tomorrow Im gonna run, meditate and read.

The most important thing and sometimes that the only thing I write in my diary is:
Tomorrow Im going to stay sober! And when I write it I mean it.

I start my diary entries with a description: Sober / on X
, so you see I have relapsed still with that diary but it makes the accountability to myself A LOT stronger. Its just the personal accountability and it really gets me the most when I write the diary.