Did I slip?

So I have been sick with the plague (a really bad cold) the past 3-4 days and as such my appetite was not all there. As a reminder, food is my addiction, which makes situations like this tricky. So between sleeping and not having much of an appetite, I have been eating when I can and this evening my appetite came back and I ate probably a days worth of food this evening.

I’m not sure if this counts as a slip? I ate a lot tonight but I also feel like I haven’t eaten much the past few days and my body probably needed the extra energy. This is a bit of a tricky one for me.

Did you need to eat that much. Only you know.

I mean illnesses kind of throws your body off. You go from having no appetite at all to feeling better and getting it back. And your body has trouble processing it when its sick. So yeah kind of hard to say.

I agree with Travis that only you can judge that call. Have you been evaluated or taken a survey such as https://psychology-tools.com/binge-eating-scale/
I feel more prone to binge eating since i stopped drinking. I scored on the mild side but can easily see how i could fall further.
I try to focus on mindful eating by trying to slow myself down and remind myself every bite tastes and feels a bit different and savor them.
It’s a slippery slope with food but in my case I think feeling guilty only serves to make the next binge worse.

I just went through a touch of the flu. No apetite. Hardly ate for four days. Apetite returned day 5. Ate a whole bunch. Day 6 today and I resumed my sensible diet. I need to lose 40 lbs. My goal is 10 a month until August.

I’d say your reaction was normal. As long as you resume healthy intake, I think you are good, but really, it matters what you believe.

This is the first cold or flu I went through sober. If I’d taken Nyquil, as it has alcohol in it, I would have counted that as a slip, but others might not.

Food, I think is a great deal more subjective. Alcohol isn’t necessary for life. Food is.

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My heart goes out to you having a food addiction. It has to be one of the worst to have because you simply cant avoid it. How was you eating, did you feel like you was binging or was it genuine hunger ? I think it’s normal to eat alot after being poorly though so don’t go beating yourself up. Just stay on your course an don’t dwell on it.