Difficult day (feeling like drinking)

I am 116 days sober today! But I am going through a very difficult day and I feel like drinking alcohol again!

My startup was in a competition that was supposed to help us land a big investment by winning it - we came second after almost half a year of hard work and going through the different stages of the competition (in virtual sessions) in the middle of the pandemic! I am totally in shambles today - I have had an emotional breakdown because of how important securing that funding was! I have cried and shouted and I am just not getting the relief! Fuck this day!


Congrats on coming second Pollo! It is a big feat even though I understand how it must feel like losing today. It’s at moments of high emotions like this that addiction rears its ugly head, seining its opportunity to get you back in its clutches. Don’t give in! I’m glad you’re here, it’s showing me you don’t want to give in and you are using the tools at your disposal to fight the urge and stay sober. One day, one hour, one minute at a time if it must be. Scream, punch a pillow or another soft innate object, do whatever you need to but don’t drink!


Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! I will try and bounce back from this but it’s just disheartening…!


Thank you, Mno for the kind words! I am glad I don’t have any alcohol in my house anymore!


I don’t know much about this situation, I only can remind u of alcohol’s miraculous ability to make things worse. Chin up.


If I allow circumstances or other people to determine if I will be sober today, then by the end of the day, I will be back in the 18 year long hell that I lived before getting sober.

When I accept my sobriety as a fact and as a collaboration with my fellow travelers and the Divine, it is as natural as breathing for me to be sober.

Whether you are pleased with the outcome of the competition or not, whether you learn from that experience or not, if you maintain the fitness of your spiritual condition today (pray, meditate, read, share, help others), then you will stay sober today.

Know that every little thing is gonna be alright. You may not know what shape that takes, but it is true nevertheless. Blessings on your house :pray:.


Thank you so much! I will read the bible and pray instead! I will overcome this indeed!


I’ve also feel like it’s been a difficult couple of days, and I have thought a lot about drinking. I’m 780 days sober today. And even though I fantasized about having a drink, deep down I’m really proud that I’ve not had a drink. I don’t actually want to drink. I just want to use alcohol to numb and run away from my problems and insecurities. But that won’t and can’t actually even happen, it won’t help, because if I drink now, I’ll for sure have more problems, disappointment and regret. Not worth making a tough time worse. that’s all alcohol does. What we need is courage… courage to keep going, knowing that sober life = our best life! Courage to be ourselves and to keep going despite some setbacks life might throw. Courage to be grateful, for everything we DO have in life - for so many others have much less.
I hope you’re well and proud of your decision to stay sober, amigo :relaxed: I am. Praying and giving it over to God, that will bring peace and love :heavy_heart_exclamation:and that’s all we can ever really want. Don’t give up. And, what will be will be.


Thank you so much for this! It shall all pass!

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And where will that drinking take you??
Oh so easy to forget about you problems for that evening but it will be right there in the morning, reminding you of what you tried to forget…

Heres where you need to find something else entirely to help you cope… Something that can make you see it will be okay!

Curves balls are always going to be in your life adapting and changing how you deal with these situations is key it won’t matter if you have day 1 of recovery or day 800 you’ve got to find a new healthier way of dealing with these situations as alcohol will not solve the problem…

Mega shit day,
Who have you unloaded to about your day?
How can you move forward from said shit day… So that difficult day remains just that day!

Your brain can only support you if you give it some options on handling the situation without alcohol.

Help yourself move past the imprint of alcohol that has been your buddy for so long…
I reackon you can do it!!!

It’s shit about the funding, it’s not fair you didn’t win…
But don’t let your addict brain tell you that alcohol is the solution.

Be kind to yourself, don’t kick yourself more for not winning!


When i start letting my finances stress me out i feel the same, but i just have to remember all the people who are less fortunate maybe dont have a dime. I remember and see how truely blessed i am God will provide and get me through the rough times. We find the means to continue on, hold onto your sobriety sometimes it can be all we have left at the end of the day.:innocent:


UPDATE: I stayed sobber - read a bible and spent the weekend chilling at my girlfriend’s house!

Thanks, everyone for helping me pull through. I couldn’t have done it without you!




Brilliant!! This is just bloody brilliant! Great job :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::ok_hand: