Dirty UA's

I haven’t smoked in about 15 days weed is my DOC and my UA’s keep comin going back positive and someone spiked at random I don’t know what do does anyone have suggestions or help?

If you were a daily or heavy smoker it is probably going to take longer than 15 days to start dropping clean. Everyone’s body is different but i would say anywhere from 1-2 months until you would start to show decreased levels of THC in your UA’s.
Im sure you know the whole, drink water and exercise routine in order to speed up the process a little.
Also the more your weigh, the longer its going to stay in your system as THC binds to fat cells in your body.


Thc sticks to your fat cells. Ive known people to piss clean and outta no where piss dirty for thc. The levels were extremely low so his po knew he didnt smoke because he pissed everyday. So this is very possible if your alil heavier then avg…

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I was a daily smoker. It took 70 days before I could piss clean.

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