Disappointed ☹️

I made the decision to drink yesterday. Once I talked myself into it, I said only two. Of course that was not the case. I haven’t felt great today. Horrible anxiety that I didn’t feel for 27 days. I am a little down but I know this can happen in recovery. Tomorrow is back to the gym and looking forward to staying sober longer this time. I am happy about what I have taken from the experience today but sad to reset after so many days. I’ll get through it. Thanks for listening.


Try not to dwell on it. All that matters is that you still WANT to keep trying!
Back on that horse… you can do it!!
Wish you the best :slightly_smiling_face:


27 days was great. Almost to 1 month. And those milestones are always tricky for me. I always have to be extra aware of them.


Let it be a lesson next time. Ive found the road always leads to the same destination.

Now that youve had 27 days of feeling better you see what the other sides like. Its easy once we get there to imagine it would be better with a drink. Stinkin thinkin. Its not.

All the best.


First of all, glad you jumped right back into recovery and sharing it with us.

Try to remember that we do it one day at a time, it’s easier to stay sober for one day at a time.

Keep sharing and reach out to like minded people for suggestions and stories of their journeys, it sure has helped me.


Hey and welcome back!
I am with you, relapsed after 150 days,
back on day 1 today :hugs:
I know it’s a shitty feeling, but try to be soft with yourself maybe? Try to figure out what it was that made you drink. So we can do it better next time. Lessons learned.


Thank you. Ya, I just lost focus. It’s hard especially during the holidays after an 11 year relationship ending. Thank you for your kind words. I’m am sorry you also also starting over. 150 days is a long time. Glad you came right back!


I did the same thing. Disappointed in myself but ready to start the clock again. We can do this! Day 1 :raised_hands:t3:


Welcome back on track :wink:
I relapsed too, happens to many of us.
The most important thing is to find out what caused the relapse. What are you going to change this time to prevent you from relapsing again? Be honest with yourself there, sugarcoating won’t help. I know that, I’ve been there.
All the best for you :muscle:


Get back up on that sober horse. One day it will stick for good. :purple_heart:


Even one day is a victory! Hang in there.


Every downfall leads to opportunities to grow.

You have the right attitude here. Get back up and drive forward. Instead of 30 days, you’ll reach 30 months. Then on to 30 years

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Stay up! You got this! Time to reset. Addiction sucks. Make the choice to stay clean today. Much love

I slipped many times, and the sober streak times were varied. The one constant was that I never gave up.

I’ve never been a huge advocate for the “well, you picked up, now you lost all of your time”. The heck you did! Your 27 days still count, and here you are, not giving up!! :facepunch::raised_hands:


This is so true! With what @GinaG said you have to still look at those days as a positive and build on those. Even if you have to start over. Remember one day is a victory.

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None of is perfect and you have recognized what you did and you have not given up. Glad to see you refocused and ready to start b/c many do not get a chance to start over. I wish you well on your journey and one day at a time #wedorecover.

Same here. Grateful for the sickness and anxiety tunnel. Makes me remember how dumb I am to pozion my body just to feel sick. You got this bro


I too am starting over. I keep thinking i can be a normal drinker but something just smaps or clicks and i cant stop. I realize i am not a noral drinker and have a problem with alcohol. So i start again day 1. This being a new year i want thi gs to change so will work harder on my sobriety. I heard about a book called living sober and want to check it out. Im going to come on this site daily as well. Most of all im going to ficus on one day at a time and see where it takes me. Wishing you all a very good year.


Don’t beat yourself up just get straight back to positive feelings and putting in the work you need to do

Well done you for admitting this x