Discussion of Political Memes

I have lots of memes like this. Unfortunately it’s probably only fun or understandable if you are a Swede. But I still love the thread :blush:

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and this is exactly why I find political memes funny. They laugh about screwing the American people so it’s is out duty to make fun of them to get our own laughs. Tit for tat!

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To me, this thread isn’t funny, but I’m following it out of sociological interest. Irl, I don’t know any Trump voters, and it’s hard for me to understand how people can support the current GOP or think both parties are equally bad. Looking for insights! I see that there are lots of “Biden is creepy” or “Biden is old and gaffe-prone” tropes, and sure, yes, I’d love to see an end to the rule of old white guys; but I can’t see how those themes can really land, in the circumstances. Is there something I’m missing?


Biden picks a black woman for VP then dies. The rule of old white man comes to an end. Even if he doesn’t die, he certainly doesn’t have enough gas for a second term, paving the way for a black woman to be elected in 4 years (I’m rooting for Kamala Harris). I suspect if that happens the south will try and break away again.


Why not post anyway? This isn’t just for US craziness, and I’m curious how it feels elsewhere.

Maybe somewhere else is a promised land of people finding solutions! Sweden seems like a place with its stuff together.


Here’s my thing… I don’t think the US, as a population, is ready for a female. Obama was a push in the that direction, which wasn’t bad. I still think that if I female runs, it’ll be hard for her because there are still HEAPS of people who don’t believe women should have any say in anything.

Strongly disagree. Hillary had the popular vote, the last time she ran. I’m not a Hillary fan, but I don’t think gender matters any more.


Unfortunately you’re probably right. I’m ready for a woman president. Anything besides and old white guy. The guys have f___kd up this country long enough.


Insinuating the problem is based on age and gender is silly. The individual person is what matters.


Maybe. But I’m still tired of the old white guys running things. And I’m an old white guy.


I’m a young(ish) white guy. I’d hope my, or anyone’s, qualification to lead wouldn’t be based on race or gender. Just on ability.


I’ll take anyone who strikes me as competent and a listener, personally.

Anyone remember “Lowered Expectations” from Mad TV?


It wouldn’t matter to me what race or gender or age. I definitely take the person who I think is most qualified. My favorite was Eric Swallwell Or Pete BUTTIGIEG They are nice young men. Personally I thought the most qualified person was Elizabeth Warren. Or Kamala. Right now we need something better than trump. The bar is pretty low. I’m just saying it seems like we have had a lot of old white guys and it ain’t working so well. And we got 2 more of them running now.


I am in no way saying Hillary didn’t get the popular vote but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Most of the people who voted for her were in high population areas. Generally the more progressive major cities. Also, the electoral college is in effect for a reason… it gives smaller communities a say in our election so they aren’t ignored, per say. Remember, Al Gore also won the popular vote but lost due to the electoral college/red states.

Maybe I should have reworded that better… I don’t believe the “nation” is ready for a female. It would be interesting to see it and I hope I do, but right now? I’m not so sure.

Right now I think Kamala or Elizabeth should be VP and I like Tammy Duckworth. Lots a good people out there.


I just think it’s dangerous to put the blame on ANY race or age. I don’t care who it is, as long as they can do the job… I’m down for it.


Just for sake of discussion and facts, you do HAVE to be 35 years or older to run for President of the USA.

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Haha. True. I guess age is a bit of a factor.

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