Does Alcohol Anonymous really work

Does AA really work?


Depends if you put work into it. Going to AA meetings, getting a sponsor, and working the 12 steps helped me get 13plus months sobriety after 20 years of problem drinking.

Are you thinking of trying it?


They say it works, IF you work it. I honestly believe that it does. It has for me anyway :slight_smile:


It works for me, but I have to put in the hard work. Just going to meetings isn’t enough. Actually working the program by getting a sponsor doing the steps and helping other alcoholics are what keep me sober. I went to AA for my drinking and stay for my thinking.


It doesn’t work if you don’t try… I say give it a shot, what do you have to lose?

Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:


Well over 5.5 years sober and I owe it all to AA the steps. There’s also a few members here with decades sober who did it through AA.

AA def showed me the path, but I still had to walk down it.


Itsavrd my life


Anything in this life will work if you really want it , for me AA worked thousands of people will back me up on that , and its been going for 88 years so maybe that will answer your question give it a try wish you well


If you work it with Comlete Abandon as stated in the BigBook it DOES work. Coming from me who drank for 50 years and is now sober 3 years 9 months 2 weeks at age 70.
I had to accept it is a LIFELONG journey. Again the key is COMEPLETE ABANDON :blue_heart:


For me it did. At first, it helped me tackle alcohol, learn how to surrender and accept. It’s given me freedom from alcohol and so much freedom from other lifey stuff. Take your time in finding the right group for you. Go all the way in and sit all the way down.


Why do you ask? Do you have some reservation about starting AA or another path to sobriety?

Now is a great time to start, and AA is a good safe place to be for those who want to not drink. :pray:


AA is the only reason I havnt picked up a drink in 4 years. The first year was a blur and not a lot made sense but I kept going back. Week after week I would find myself picking up little bits of wisdom from the old timers and from the readings. AA is not for everyone but if you are tired of drinking and are willing to do anything to be sober I would say stop in, drink some free coffee, and listen. You might hear your story coming from someone else.