Does anyone else here have a nontraditional type addiction?

I was wondering if anyone here is not recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. I use the Sober Time app to keep track of how long it has been since I last self harmed. I am a cutter.

It’s not that I don’t feel welcome, because you all are awesome, it’s just that the majority of folks here are struggling with substance issues.

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I think people tend to forget that behaviors like watching porn and over-eating can be addictions too. I’ve known several porn addicts, and you already know about my past struggle with cutting. I think there also might be a certain degree of shame when it comes to addictions like that.

I use this app for caffeine addiction and soda lol.


I’m using this app for the same reason you are (self harm). It seems like a cool app :+1:

I don’t just use this for addictions- I use it to keep track of how long I haven’t shaved and washed myself with soap or shampoo. Since I feel like society will probably pressure me into it again, I’m curious to see for how long I can go. It might not be the most logical way to use this app- but hey, it works.
I also use this to stop drinking / using other drugs (not counting marijuana, since it’s medicinal if you use it right)

I hadn’t thought about using this app for cutting. Thank you very much. I’ve been cutting on and off for 13 years and I recently had a very bad set back. This will help me keep track of this. Thank you again for the idea!

I’ve been in and out of a very abusive narcissistic relationship for the last 6 yrs. I went 2 1/2yrs without him but slipped up a few months ago. The chaos immediately began and my life got turned upside down. I equate him to a drug so I’m using this app to count the days I’ve gone No Contact.


I’ve been using this app for alcohol for over a year now and only struck on the idea of quitting self harm the same way recently. Thought I was the only one! So far it’s got me to day 62, hope it works for you too, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

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Welcome to the family! You are in good company. We are all just trying to manage life. That is what unites all addicts no matter what the drug of choice is.