Does anyone have severe anxiety that turns into panic attacks

Does anyone have severe anxiety where it turns into a panic attack? Ive been sober now for 79 days from my addiction to pain pills. My doctor detoxed me off my klonopin as well after about 45 days of being sober. Klonopin is my anxiety medication. The last few days my body is in knots. Its feeling like it’s consistantly in fight or flight mode. On top of that im feeling really scared to go to work today because of this problem. I don’t want anyone to know what Is going on with me. And my biggest fear is that if I do go to work that I will have a panic attack and will not be able to control it while being there. I’m super stressed about it. My doctor that helped me get sober from my pain pill addiction said that he would pull me from work. But that was about 30 days ago. I told him no, that I didnt want to. But now, detoxing from my anxiety med, he said it could be days, weeks, possibly months that my body is really feeling back to normal. I’m not 100 % sure about this because the reason I went on the KLONOPIN to begin with is because of this very exact problem that I am having now. The reason he took me off guys of the Klonopin if you all are wondering is becasue part of my treatment in being sober is that I am currently taking suboxone 2x a day. And being on suboxine, you cannot take KLONOPIN. So he gave me a choice. I either got to do the suboxine treatment, and STOP MY ANXIETY medication, or I didnt get the treatment to be clean and sober and I keep taking the KLONOPIN. I offcourse chose staying clean and sober and chose to have him detox me off the KLONOPIN so I could continue to take my suboxone. Anyone that can relate, I would greatly appreciate it. Do I go off work today??? I’m not feeling well. And I’m truly scared, and worried with how bad my anxiety is. My job is so very stressful too.


I would take a break from work if you could so you can focus on healing.


That’s so hard. It’s so much to take on at once. Jesus. I think you should talk to your doc about doing things more gradually. I live with that kind of anxiety and its paralyzing hell. Plus its dangerous. I’m worried for your safety.



Anxiety and panic are completely normal human reactions, in my experience although it will seem initially difficult you need to ground yourself and notice that not everything inside your head should be listened to,

Try some basic breathing exercises whilst doing some remedial tasks around your house etc, you must set yourself simple little tasks and keep yourself busy,

Do not run away from your life and work, this will only manifest into more anxiety and panic.

I dont know of this will help but one day i stopped all the thoughts in my head and told the anxiety and panic to kill me if it really wanted to, but it couldnt because its just in my head.

I hope none of this sounds condescending but alot of people understand what you are feeling, so try and face it head on with a positive attitude.

You can beat it X


Can you do Xanax instead? Or is it the same.

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I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks but I have never taken the same meds you are taking or had to detox off anxiety meds. I just wanted you to know someone understands how very hard and real and terrifying panic attacks are. It’s not just something that you can talk yourself out of. I get that. I agree with @Annasb805 that you should talk to your doctor about the difficulty you are having just getting through the day and through work. If you CAN take a day off today without any negative repercussions at work, I think taking the day would be good. As long as you spend the day taking care of yourself, doing something productive and maybe giving your doctor a call. Staying in and spiraling into more intense anxiety would not be helpful. Whatever you decide, I really hope you can get some relief soon. One thing that really helped me is a type of therapy called ETT. After 3 sessions I no longer woke up in a panic. I didn’t feel physically ill every day from the anxiety anymore. It was a life changer. Let me know if you want more info on it and I’ll pass along what I can. Wishing you all the best.


It’s the same.

@cristelclear If it was a life changer for you I would love for more information. This is day 2 of pretty consistent panic.

@Annasb805 Yes, it is paralyzing. I haven’t had these in a few years this intense because I have been medicated. But it’s really taking a toll on me right now. It’s too much. You understand.


Sent you a private message. Hope it helps.

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Thank you very much!

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I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I used to have severe panic. I treated that with alcohol and drugs. Benzos were a big thing in all this. I had to take SSRI medication and SNRI medication for a decade. I’m closing on two years sober. I quit my medication over a year ago and haven’t really experienced anxiety or panic in a long time. Learning to deal with emotions sober was the key to my recovery from panic. It does take time and courage to face the fears…but it gets easier…
Stay sober and regain your freedom. One day at a time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Angel!

I was detoxed off alcohol and benzos at the same time and experienced exactly what you are talking about. It is NOT fun! Unfortunately, benzos change our brains in ways that take a long time to adjust to. Your doctor is right, it will take time. However, the anxiety will be better than it has in a while.

Pain pills have this effect where after taking them for a while they make pain seem worse and they cause more pain. Benzos have the same thing with anxiety. They have common areas of the brain that they effect. Benzos, however, also effect GABA, which is involved in almost every part of the brain.

Benzos are dangerous for addicts, hell, they are dangerous for anyone who takes them everyday. They aren’t meant to be taken like that, even though that’s how they are prescribed. This is changing, thankfully.

My advice? Try to work part time, if that’s an option, of take a bit of time off. Between the opiates and the benzos, your brain is doing so seriousl rewiring. I did IOP while I was off work and it was exactly what I needed. It kept me connected to other people, while being a group no bigger than 10 people. I don’t think it ever actually hit 10 people. It focused on mental health as well as addiction. It took a therapeutic approach to recovery. Most people also did meetings of one kind or another.

I was also put on propranolol, which is a blood pressure medication that is used off label for anxiety, specifically social anxiety. It’s not as powerful as a benzo (nothing is) but it helps tremendously. Also Vistaril. It’s an antihistamine that sucks at being an antihistamine but works okay with anxiety.

Haha, that’s all for now. Give yourself a break from juggling too much and take care of yourself for right now. There is a saying that’s basically this; anything you put before your sobriety you will lose with everything else.


Unfortunately it’s the same.

I have had panic attacks from childhood well into my adult years. I seem to have learned how to control them without medication. The last time I panicked was over 10 years ago.

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My dr at the outpatient rehab where i get my subutex put me on klonopin also for my anxiety… idk why your dr would say u cant be on both?

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I was told that subs and benzos was a deadly combo

Subs and benzos both depress the central nervous system, so you could stop breathing in your sleep. Mostly in massive quantities, but still a risk at low doses.

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Oh didnt know that, he didnt mention it either. I did get the lowest dose and just am supposed to take it as needed so maybe thats why. Thanks for the info though!

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