Doing it alone feeling lost

Hello everyone. Hope all is well.
I have tried and tried again to do this sober thing and realise it aint going to happen doing it alone. Trust me i think so often im strong enough but i aint!
I decided i need support but due to covid i cant find face to face help etc.
I just dont know how to break the routine i no longer want.
Feeling just so lost


With covid, all the help has gone virtual. If you check the AA website, you can find zoom meetings. I personally use


First thing I would say for you to do is to have a really good read around on here.
Use the magnifying glass above to search absolutely any topic/questions that you may have.
I can pretty much guarantee that it’s here.
One of the things that you will find is that you need not be alone.


Thank you. Even when i dont fancy drinking or just too tired i still find myself picking up the bottle.
Im counted as a functional alcoholic. Which is a stupid excuse amd makes it seem acceptable when it is not!
Just too lonely right now when i know its wrong but people are willing to make an excuse for it

I used to think of myself as a functional alcoholic. After all I had a job, I’ve built a timber greenhouse from scratch and it’s still standing 3 years later.
But, basically, I was just functioning. I wasn’t living!
Since getting sober I realise just how bad I was when drinking.