Dont drink at them is what they say

dont drink at em is what i was told
drinking with them almost made me fight, almost got me pushed down stairs, and just stright up slapped

i will never stoop to that low again like i did percisly at 420pm 6 days ago

hears what happened
i was drunk
i wanted to get high
i would have done anything
… break the law, smoke crack

they just want your money, obviously not your back.

im better then that

1 man atleast talked to me
but he would also sock me in the back of my head; he did too a few days b4

i will never go back

only 2 kids had my back

its all good

ill meet em in town for a 45 dollar dinner. no for real
theyre good. the rest of em are squerrils chasing nuts

better believe it

lol i can taste that dinner now

Do you have someone IRL you can talk with about your recovery?


got a bunch of numbers

im sober
and good to go

i got this too

my mom and pops know how hard i work for sobriety

angers at a low ; get kinda fustrated at times

meeting are right down the street

i walked in the pouring rain to express importants to get my 1 day

i feel very content

at day 6

1 time i fought my dad and brother and lost

1 time i trashed my moms house over 10 bucks

i ran from cops

stole alcohol plenty of times

the rock bottom was the fight with my dad

ive been drunk in aa

co dependance with my ex

i sniffed burning pills that did nothing but swell my face

smoked meds that did nothing

unknowingly smoked opiods 1s

smoked crack

broke laws due to peer presser

fought people

i saved a cop from being hurt while a girl is yelling in my face.
a cop surrounded by addicts was brought down and helpless. the bad guy kept saying just go while the cop was stunned and asking 4 help.
the bad guys boys were walking up and down the street. 1 smiled at me
everyone ran and it was me, 1 friend and the bad guy. i was the only one holding down the both of them

backup came i went home
the cop called my mom.
the bad guy had a knife on him

hot damn im a addict alcoholic. and im now going to the meeting

im all good

thats a really good idea

i actually got paperwork on 1 lol

i am so happy i got that out guys thank u