Don't drop the soap

Here is where I will post my story and the experience and feelings I had while in the state prison. I’m out and about now but want to thank @aircircle @Buts @Lola @KevinesKay for the letters. Those who sent some but got them returned can inbox me and I’ll give you my address. I’d love to read them still. Also @C-sun I received a notice from your letter but they wouldn’t give it to me because of the stamps. I would have loved to read what you had to say. People in the past have put drugs on the sticky parts of them, so now it’s not allowed. They throw it away, so you won’t get it back. Between you guys and other people that sent letters, I have found that the old way of communication is such a lost novelty.


I look forward to reading your story.
Great to have you back.



Glad you’ve got them, looking forward hearing what you have to say :heart:


Bummer. I was really tossed about sending extra stuff. I was sure the stamp shit was an urban legend. I never got mail in jail so…

Glad you made it out.


I think someone else tried to send a stamped letter that got returned on here a long while ago on here. I then also said the same thing Bill just said. People were sticking suboxone to the back of the stamp so stamps are not allowed. There are even guards in prison here for smuggling suboxone . They are pretty strict any jail you send mail to. I know in new jersey nothing could be colored. I made the mistake when drawling something and coloring it in. She got it because she was new but it was a warning. Welcome Back! @Bill_Phillips

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Yep. I did get a stamped envelope from @aircircle in one of her cards. Somehow that one made it to me. My parents sent me a bunch along with some magazines, but they were sent back. I heard the same thing from my celly`s about the suboxone trick.

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Hey Bill, again, glad you’re back.

Did you get the second postcard that I sent you in June?

If not, I still have it saved if you want.

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I did not get it

Sooo busy getting things in order…but I will get to my story soon. Big step tomorrow as I move into this amazing oxford house tomorrow at the beach. Its 2 blocks from my son :blush:


Not a problem. I’ll pm you a copy within the next few days.

That’s an amazing house. How fortunate that you get to be so close to your son.

How old is he?

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He is 16…amazing kiddo.

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