Don't give everything away #saviour

Me, the Saviour.

Yesterday I had an amazing day.
My son turned three and we had his birthday party (my first sober one) it was hard work since I am a single dad and arranging everything felt like work :slight_smile: but I nailed it was stressful but I managed to get true my family dynamics without getting in my dark feelings.
It did cost me 80% of my fuel.

I went to a meeting at night, and offered to ride a fellow home afterwards. She told me she was at risk, in active cross addiction. My saviour turned in and we spent about 2 hours talking in my car. In hindsight I did not achieve jack. There was no surrender and now the day after I feel like a train wreck allready, I just woke up.

Had to cancel working true my step 2 with my sponsor since I am just not up for it.

I should stop trying to save someone especially when it is preventing me from taking good care of myself.

Just felt like sharing this day in recovery with you guys and dolls.

And I’d like to express my gratitude to this platform for being there. I have allready got so much from y’all.

Have an amazing Sunday.


I thought I haven’t reached anything for her… A week later I received a message saying the convo help a lot and made the fella reach out to a sponsor.

It seems I was maybe aiming for a quick fix here… Who knows 4 months in what do I know.

Feelin kinda guilty of talking to someone to make myself feel valued.