Don't give up

If your reading this, then I ask you not to let your addiction win.
Please don’t give up on yourself, you are worth that next day of being drug free.
There are going to be the days you want to throw in the towel, where you’ll want to give in but just read this part. Don’t give up, don’t pick up your DOC because you think it will change the outcome it rarely does, it leaves you horroring the next day, kicking yourself for letting that addict inside you beat you down that day.

No matter what believe you are strong without substance, its hard to accept but you are!
Find who you are again you might think they are gone , destroyed by toxins but your not, your in their find you way, find your truth… Choose sobriety, choose life without using.

From one addict to another I believe you can do it, so don’t give up. Find that one thing that keeps you going, hold on to it and believe in yourself.


This is golden Danni!
The most important thing to my mind

And you. You are doing so well, with everything that’s going on.
Well done

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You are amazing!!
We need to make you and Luna poster child for sobriety. Showing us all how it is done.
Keep kicking ass. You’re the best :purple_heart:
:pray:t2::heart: :muscle:

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