Doubting my ability and self-control

So, after a month, I broke Saturday night after work and drank. Not only did I drink, I drank to the point of blacking out.
I am definitely doubting my own self-control and beating myself up more than ever. I haven’t even been back to work since bc my anxiety is so overwhelming. Why does this vicious circle keep winning?
Time to start the counter over again and give it another go!

Glad you are ready to get up and go again. Me personally I am powerless to alcohol. I have zero control over it. I think if you can get that into your head it helps. But that’s kinda the rub I see so much people know that they are struggling with alcohol but not quite ready to be done. In my opinion if you are an addict you will never get out of the cycle until you fix why’s.


@TheyAreMyReason I’ve been there so many times… the mental and physical anguish is daunting it feels like there is no hope. Keep pushing forward! You can absolutely do this! Don’t think about the can’t, but the “can/do”.

I went 90 days, 60 days (few times), and 30 days multiple times. I will say when I did relapse it felt like I was drinking more than I did before I decided to quit. It’s like I was drinking for lost time… I think it was a combination that my tolerance reset and I did in fact drink more than the normal me. I was sicker than crap, 3-5 days each relapse. It helped reinforce I couldn’t justify my drinking anymore.

Keep fighting we are right there beside you!


Thanks guys! Your support is always amazing and keeps me motivated.