Down on my luck


Today marks 30 days sober! Ya me! I got a DUI 30 days ago. Dealing with the stress of that, a move, and a new job. Tonight I mowed Bambi. My cars toast. I don’t care about the car and thankfully I was not hurt, but dang can I get a break man!?


When it rains, it pours. You have your health and you’re sober and that’s all that counts. A lot of people cannot say they have those 2 things so as hard as it may seem at time its always a useful tool to count your blessings/things your grateful for.

For example, you had a bad day… but damnn Bambi had a horrendous day lol.


Yes, bambi didn’t die when it hit my car. The officer had to put it out of it’s misery! I’m really making friends with the sheriff’s department fast in this county! :worried:


Well hopefully his sacrifice fills a few bellies!


In Washington state you’re allowed to take that thing home.


I had no patience to butcher a deer tonight, but when I called my brother he said “Where are you? If you were closer I could have taken it home.”


$6200 dollars worth of damage. Thanks bambi…now I wait. Will they total it or fix it?!


Most cars total out as long as the damage exceeds the value of the car. So if the cars worth more… then no its not totaled out as that can be fixed. If its fixed correctly is another story. If its not totaled make sure to take it to a reputable shop so its done right. Goodluck… ive hit plenty in my time i had a cop the other night ride my ass with his highbeams on and i just caught a glipse of deer n stopped. I think the fukin cop was more concerned with what i was doin in the car.usually i flick them off by the rear view. I guess im lucky this instance i didnt.


How do you know you aren’t? By the looks of that car, I’d say you’re overflowing with good breaks! It’s all about perspective. Really glad you’re ok my height twin :hugs:


This is why I eat as many deer as possible. It benefits everyone


I’ll shoot you one for dinner tonight :grin: …might taste a little styrofoam-y though


The damage looks superficial. Yes it sucks, but you are alive and well.

I wish sober life a basket of kittens all holding icecream cones, but it’s not. Stuff still happens to us. The difference is, it’s not exacerbated by alcohol.

You hit a deer, sober. Police report without an arrest report. Dealing with your insurance without the added penalties associated with a dui. Deductibles, but no fines and court costs.

I love the saying I’ve read on this forum : “there’s no bad situation that a drink can’t make worse”.

Keep living sober. Good things will happen too, and you’ll be sober, and can appreciate them.


I would check your insurance policy. If you have PIP coverage, I would at least go in to get checked, regardless of whether you feel well or not. I’m a chiropractor and work almost exclusively on auto injury. Many people can have significant damage to their bodies without pain symptoms.

Most PIP plans cover up to $10,000 of medical Bill’s per person involved in a wreck. Youd have this coverage even if you are considered at fault. If your insurance company has already assessed your vehicle, you must have a claim open already. All you need is your claim number and insurance info and you can walk in to a chiropractor and receive the treatment you need for free. Most chiropractors have medical massage therapy in their office as well.


I’m just frustrated with the claims process and several other things in my life…like still not being moved and frustration with my new job. Could careless about the car. Sorry just whiney tonight. Love me a good chiropractor. I actually have a good friend who’s a chiropractor.


Sounds like you have a hook up for free Chiropractic care then.


Went and saw my regular chiropractor today in my old home location, not my friend. Feeling so much better already and he hooked me up with the name of his friend in my area. There are 2 chiropractors in the town I moved to, but no one at work seems to use chiropractic care. Couldn’t find any reviews or info about them online. They don’t know what they are missing.


That’s awesome! Not all chiropractors are the same. If I were looking for someone to treat you for an auto injury, I would be looking for someone that was research based and less “philosophy” based.


The bosses son used to go to one. He said the best one he ever had did body scans before adjustments. Im sure the shyty ones dont and just go to town on ya.


Body scans can be useful or worthless in the right hands. I just went to another chiropractor today to get adjusted and received one of the worst adjustments ever. I do an examination, but I dont do x-rays or fancy scans. They really are not necessary for most people, no matter what any chiropractor selling his own business will tell you.


This isn’t adding anything but…

When I was little and my mom took us and her to a chiropractor, I always wanted to punch Dr. Gage because I thought he was being inappropriate with my mom’s lol