Down on my luck


I just got adjusted today!! I would not be able to move if I didn’t see my chiropractor weekly, especially now that I’m sober. I feel everything sooooo much more now. We have an amazing local Dr that doesn’t accept insurance, and charges $30 a visit! He is amazing!


Oh, Dr. Gage?! The famous chiropractor who was found out to have molested and raped tons of his patients?!


Well he might be the reason she’s a lesbian then!


That’s a great Time of Service fee! We charge $40.


Just kidding, never heard of a Dr. Gage. But, that would be funny if it were true.


I pay $90 a month for the family rate. The four of us can each go once a week. That’s 16 visits for $90! Can’t beat that!


It’s a wonder why that guy is still in business. In my business, that would be equivalent of a $2310 discount.


He has soooooooo many clients. He books 5 minute sessions, in and out. Easy peasy. I’ve sent him at least 10 referrals! He is amazing!


A chiropractor saved my husband’s life! He went for an adjustment, they took his bp and actually said the equipment must be faulty because his pressure read 200/150. We went straight to his Dr & we stayed in his office for the next 8 hours as they lowered it. His kidneys were failing and we had no idea. Within a year he had his first kidney transplant, his brother was the donor. Eleven years later he needed another one & my brother was the donor. I tested too & was a perfect match, but I was too tiny to donate. So we LOVE Chiropractors :+1:t3: @rmgrimmer


Awesome success story! That is scary though!

@Yomomma That’s a popular practice style among Chiropractors. I’d say I run a Medium Volume practice. I book my appointments in 15 minute blocks. I do muscle work on people, teach stretches and exercises, council them on lifestyle/work/diet/exercise, etc. Mainly adjusting, but lots of other therapies.


That’s awesome, you two seems to be similar. He helps with my fiance’s tennis elbow. He told him.about stretches and massages it weekly for him too. Also helped him pick out one of those arm bands.
My issue is my neck, shoulders and thumb mostly. Since I’ve been sober, I’ve been keeping up on my yoga (my sad attempt anyway, lol) and he’s noticed, as I have, my shoulders are less of an issue than they were. Which is good, because that’s where I carry ALL my stress!

Keep up the amazing work! EvERYBODY needs a chiropractor is their lives!!


Agreed. A little biased, but still! :hugs:


Nice car I love cars. Never owned a Mazda. Congratulations on 30 days. I have hit a couple of rabbits and birds but thats about as big as they get here.


Thanks! Loved that car. Awesome gas mileage…500 miles to a tank while in the AZ altitude. Around 400 here. Now the insurance needs a picture of my odometer and I had to go out of town for 4 days…so still don’t know the verdict. I hit a cow in H.S. It was sleeping in the road and it was dark and foggy. 1st and hopefully last deer.


My chiropractor just puts his hands on me and does manual assessment and motion assessment…he practices the gonstead. I was not hurt in my collision, but have been driving so much and hauling stuff up and down the stairs an adjustment couldn’t hurt. I knew my hip was out, but not good at getting it back in on my own.

My back is not my issue. My pelvis and hips are my problem. I had one foot that would turn out without me really recognizing it. Weeks of PT and chiropractic care and home stretches fixed it.


Those stairs are getting old, but just gotta tell myself killer butt and legs.


Now your screen name makes so much sense. Beautiful dog.


Thank you! I love that old dog. He’s 11. I love my other dog too, but my Weimaraner is just so special to me. We’ve been through alot together…he’s been my emotional support time and time again and I saved his life when he was 3 and had a life threatening health condition that was undiagnosed for the 1st 3 years of his life that would have killed him. We saved each other that I do know.


That’s an awesome story. They are such good dogs.


A Weimaraner! :heart_eyes: Beautiful dogs & beautiful bond between you two! Hope you’re feel back to normal after your crash and that you get good news from your insurance :hugs: