Down time photos


So after a couple very stressful days I was hoping everyone would want to shair som

e photos with me with all of us? Your favorite place thing or person that helps to distress unwind and keeps you from your habits what ever they maybe. Post away cant wait to see them all…


When I go on my breaks from work I walk around in the parking garage (for shade, mostly), vape (nicotine), and check in here. I started noticing leaves on the ground and taking pics of them. Nature always finds a way to get in :slightly_smiling_face:


For me it’s the sun. I can watch the sunrise or sunset and it always brings as sense of calm for me.


The view from my house out to the lake brings me so much peace and serenity and gratitude. :two_hearts:


I love my climbing gym - climbing forces me to be super present.


Anywhere in nature but ESPECIALLY sunrises or sunsets, near water is where my peace is.


The Mountains: it’s where I go lose myself and find my primal being.


Disneyland: where my inner child comes out. Reminds me to slow down and not to take life too seriously.



When I walk with the wind in my hair, the sun at my face, leaves wispering to me. Then I’m feeling alive!


Lunch view today


Beautiful photos and places.


it’s not landscape, but rather a black kitten nestled in my scarf at a local café. :blush:


Sunset at Hearst Castle. The recently renovated Neptune Pool os in the for ground.



Beautiful sunsets guys, I love it!!

Here is a typical Seattle sunset in the fall/winter/spring.


I love mountains and the coast. Was here today…


I used to live on Haida Gwaii and these were always washed up on the beach!


My downtime today consisted of livingroom carpet snuggles with these two cuties


The view from my little holiday house i hardly ever get to visit recently. Still a joy to think about that view and look forward to getting back


Sun rise over the valley this morning!


Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Here’s where I find peace: my garage dojo.