Dreamy mc dream

Had a dream I told my wife missed drinking and she said ok then have some at weekends I was shocked in the dream and relieved when I woke up that it was my insane leaking brain been daft yay still sober with no plans to drink and it’s Christmas eve woooohoooo


The mind can do tricky things! :wink: In my dreams I drink! And I drink a lot! My friends ask me: are you sure? But I tell them everything is fine. When I wake up I’m so much relieved it’s just a dream!!
So today it`'s my 10th day sober, double digits!
We can do it!:facepunch: One day at a time!

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Haha I’ve never dreamed of drinking this was my first mayb almost drinking dream chuffed I’m not drinking and a huge well done to you for your double digets keep them coming and enjoy your sobriety xx

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Aye it makes sence cos it’s such a huge thing in ur life and you can worry about it so it makes sence that ya magical brain can do stuff to ya wen ya sleep x

I still get lots of drinking dreams