Drink and drugs

From when I was 14 drinking in the park with my friends at the weekend then it was just a weekend thing but as I got older I started taking drugs mainly cocaine and now I can’t have a drink without taking it now I know it’s time to stop cause am sick of wasting my money and waking up depressed I’ll quit last time for 145days but spilt up with my partner then went downhill again I didn’t go to any AA meetings or anything like that I did it with willpower but I should of learn to deal with my emotions more but I always have that side of me that thinks do you want to stop completely and I think this time to change


If you think it’s time to change, you’re right. Sobriety is worth every effort. It’s going to suck at first, but hang tough.

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I know I’ll get there I want to be in the end and stay strong :sunglasses:thank you