Drink just one?

Can someone who has been sober for several yesrs actually just drink one or two glasses and stop? From experience, is it possible for someone who has binged to be content with not binging if he drinks again?

There are anecdotal reports of such people existing but they are exceedingly rare and I strongly implore any addict to steer far clear of attempting this, and instead stick with abstinence.

I sometimes refer to these people as magical unicorns of some type. They are spoken about but I’ve never seen one and I think trying to become a unicorn is silly when you are a human.


I’m certain it’s different for everyone, but I personally find it easier to not even open that door. More power to the people who have the willpower to just have one, but I think the majority of alcoholics have a hard time with moderation.


Here’s my opinion on the topic.


Any time I ever stopped drinking for a bit I found that I started again right where I left off. I have yet to hear of anyone who was dependant, got sober, and transformed to a casual drinker years later.


Shortly after i gave up drinking this time i went to dinner…all of a sudden i realized I was enjoying being out…i wasnt worried about controlling my drinking…i spent so much energy in trying to not be drunk…i missed life, i missed fun…and in the end…i never was able to control it…it always controlled me.

A sober life is a better life for me


My view is that I am approaching a year sober now and the main lessons I have learnt is that I am a happier, better and healthier person than the drinking me. I now understand that alcohol is a drug/poison that tastes so vile on its own it needs to be mixed / flavored/ watered down in order to drink it…I cannot imagine wanting to go back to it… that would be stupid :grin:


Hey there,

First, good on you for logging onto this app and reaching out. Bravo, well done.

For me I can absolutely drink without binging. HOWEVER i can not sustain drinking without binging. Sure i could go get a drink to catch up with an old friend and go home without drinking more and go to bed no problem.

But then why not just get a 6 pack that weekend for the football game, since everything was fine with your friend maybe you got this under control. Then why not keep a 6 pack in the fridge the subsequent week. Then probably a 12 pack to limit how often i have to go to the store.

Now im drinking a 12 pack a day. Not terrible. But that’s a lot of carbs. Probably a good idea to switch to vodka to stay in shape.

Now I’m keeping vodka in the freezer again. then one night, woops! Binged and got hammered not good.

Now you can either:

  1. Continue to drink and you have officially started binge drinking again along with all of its consequences.
  2. Quit drinking with all the cravings breathing down your neck.

So for me no i cannot have even one drink under any circumstances because while it may not be an issue that particular time–it may take months… but i will have to choose between one of the above two outcomes at some point down the road. Back at square one.

The dream of casual drinking is a fantasy for alcoholics. your mind will play tricks on you. I call it my ‘addict’. My addict loves to present a case as to why i can still drink. this is not a possibility for me. I need to remember this is just my alcoholism wanting to sneak back out. it takes discipline and practice to handle some of these recurring thoughts.

Im here if you want to PM

Sober 6 months.


@KeepMovingForward I could not have said it any better myself. While you may be OK to have one today you may need 6 next week and then a few shots of vodka in two weeks. Before you know it you’ll be having a 1/5 or two everyday and asking yourself what happened. While it’s a nice fantasy to think we can have just one, we can’t. It’s best just not to open Pandora’s box.

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@Bmx8091 exactly. I’ve found comfort in looking back at things I’ve done drinking that make me cringe to my core–and know that my way of life will prevent any of that from happening again. I see some of my friends who aren’t alcoholics but still have those cringe worthy nights and i get a little anxiety thinking about my experiences. That is followed by peace and contentment knowing it can’t happen again living this way.


Nope. No. Nah.

@KeepMovingForward same those cringe worthy moments alone are enough to make me stop drinking. I would never want to relive those memories :nauseated_face:

Its just that so many people drink just like I used to and it’s so accepted. Even my drinking was accepted. Sometimes I feel like I want to have fun too like that too again. A part of me misses the social aspect and then I see how everyone just accepts drunkeness and makes me think why did I bother quitting. I know it’s all silly… I know why I quit… I dont want to drink again… But all those thoughts keep lingering.

  1. You’re going to have those this from time to time. 2. I know AA has given me a social life that was absolutely missing from my drinking life. 3. My alcoholism will always lie to me. Always. Every f’ing time. Never an honest truth.

I doubt I could ever moderate booze or dope. It’s not something I’m willing to gamble.

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Ikr, I’m looking forward to tonight’s candlelight meeting. I get to dress up, act classy and socialize with some chill folks😉

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You don’t need alcohol to have fun. That’s your first problem right there. How exactly does it make anything more fun? It’s all a big lie… I used to think the same thing. Then when I got sober I actually started having ACTUAL FUN and meaningful experiences that I can remember because I wasn’t drinking. If you downloaded this app because you struggle with alcohol you will never be able to moderate. You might fool yourself into thinking you can for a little while, but it’s progressive and it will catch up for sure. If you’re trying to get sober, already thinking about moderating is a slippery slope… I’ll say it again- you don’t need alcohol to have fun… and if you do… I would encourage you to do some soul searching to find out why.


I’m just over 2 weeks sober. I have already started having the “I’ve got this” thoughts. But I know, having tried, where it would lead to and I used to love going to the pub. But I know there can never be moderation for me.


I know i cant have a drink even though im sober prob before some of you were born-- im a Alcoholic i cant drink but i can live without booze and enjoy life . keep on trucking


For me, I came to the conclusion that I can’t just enjoy a drink or 2… drinking always becomes a spiral that won’t stop until I am drunk. If I have those 1 or 2 drinks, my thoughts are consumed by “wouldn’t a 3rd, 4th, 9th drink be better?” and then I start scheming how I can get those drinks without anybody seeing the ridiculous number of drinks I need to get drunk. That’s followed the next morning by a hangover and self loathing. Not fun. Not healthy. Not for me.