Drug & alc counseling

I’m just back from my first ever session of drug and alcohol counselling. In the waiting room I was starting to think, she’s going to laugh at me, my issues are minor, I don’t really need this, I can do it alone, it’s easy etc…
But that was not the case! She didn’t laugh, in fact, without seeming judgemental she affirmed that I do have an issue that is impacting mine and my family’s lives. She said a few things that just clicked, and its clear that she has a wealth of knowledge that I think will be helpful in this journey.
I’m in Australia where we have an amazing health system that makes this a free service, which I am so grateful for. I hope that anyone out there who wants counselling is able to access it, I’m.sure it can help many. :blush:


That sounds like a wonderful system you have in Australia. Professional help is often times the best way to recover and I’m glad it’s starting to work out for you. So many try to do it alone because they are ashamed or think they will be ridiculed when they really don’t need to.

Thanks for sharing!

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