Eliminating the need for weed

Hi, i am vee i have smoked weed for 23 years off an on from 11 to 18, but everyday from 18 to 34. I really like a lot of things about marijuana the look the types of strains the growth process, mainly the smell but mostly the head change, which makes it hard to quit. I function high during mostly every activity including work i have a great job that i love and a household to run, i am in school full time and i volunteer a lot at my sons school… I naturally wake up and feel the need to smoke, it has become so ingrained in my regular daily actions it feels like this is going to be a very hard challenge for me to comitt to quitting. I want to quit because i dont feel like its necessary to be high all the time, i would like to be more productive and i would like to develope healthier habits. I am a procrastinator to the core but i never fail at getting things done by the deadline, i am very active person but i think smoking has had precedence to almost not all but almost everything in my life path. This is the first time i have comitted to quitting smoking and since i really am a reclusive smoker not social smoker i need an outlet like this to reflect on my journey as well as seek encouraging and relatable stories from people going down the same road.
Thank you for hearing me out.


I’m quiting weed as well, you can read my motivations and the advice I got in my story. 6th day for me. Good luck to you.

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It is definitely a challenge and an adjustment. I have a similar story. I had been wanting to quit for too long. I started volunteering at my sons school. between that and approaching 30, It finally clicked that if I really Want to make something of myself I had to quit. Its been almost 6 weeks now. I still miss it sometimes, but I don’t want to go through battling the urge hardcore anymore. The days were really long and exhausting at first, but I’ve gotten more energy back (as much as you can with young children).

Throwing out my stash was the best decision I ever made. I quit drinking alcohol too because that just made want to smoke more.

Its great not to be held back by weed anymore.