Eliminating triggers/stress.. Works for me

Cutting out the negativity that usually makes me want to pour a drink (or 4)…
It has really helped me so much.

I have been in one on one weekly counseling since last fall. Drinking, ptsd, nervous breakdown, depression /anxiety …While I did make progress, through eliminating negative factors, and effort… But I never made it past day 3 then I would binge.

Some recent events put me nearly back to square one with the drinking. After a few weeks, I painfully but respectfully told some of my family I need to outcast myself as drinking was how I coped with the conflicts.
That was 9 days ago.
That night I binged until more than one bottle was empty.


Late last week something cropped up that I had to call on my family for help… And I did it sober! I made it clear my feelings haven’t changed, but this problem was not something I could do on my own.
Last year, it was one of the triggers that ultimately led to my seeking help professionally… Such a huge step to call family.

My family isnt very supportive, most likely just waiting for me to fail, but yesterday was my first shrink appt that I was truly sober. He was so proud that I took the initiative. It made me feel so good to have my efforts appreciated.

The scariest part was realizing and admitting that it was easier to distance myself from my family than give up the bottle. But I knew if I poured one I wouldn’t stop and it would be betraying myself and the (hopefully temporary) loss of family would have been for nothing.

My apologies for the long post :slight_smile: but had to share in case others may be in similar situations. Use respect, tact even… But be honest and I’ve learned, finally, it’s OK to put my mental health above others’ comfort.
Especially for those of us that are empaths… Carrying the weight of others’ emotions is NOT mandatory! Removing negatives, makes space for positives.

Anyone else do better with ‘create your own safe bubble’ approach?


I am also highly empathic, agree completely that we can’t let ourselves get wrapped up in other people’s emotions. Usually, going to my group is the highlight of my week. But if everyone else is having a bad day, I feel it as bad as they do. Keep up the good work!