Emergency (hospital)

So I am waiting an hour …
I texted my doctor.
Apparently I am bleeding from my bowels.
Not thrilled.
I just had iron infusions to bring up my critically low blood work (iron and hemoglobin).
He’s concerned enough that I need to be assessed in the hospital at emerg.

Need some encouragement.

This sounds pretty scary, sorry your having to go through this, is anyone able to sit with you while you wait?? Xx

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Nah. Not really. I don’t have friends.

Scary - yes because I don’t want them giving me anything LOL

You have friends in us :full_moon_with_face: is your little dog allowed in?

Oh yes my service dog. Absolutely 100%. He’s allowed. Sometimes it’s more of a nuisance LOL - people alllllllllllll wannnnnnna petttttttt the doggie LOL!


Thank you @Frantasticooo
I feel that ‘friendship’

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What’s his name? I’ll bet they want to, hes so darn cute :heart_eyes:

Timbit - from the Tim Horton’s donut balls

Ah yes sorry, I remember now.

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He is amazing. Such a good little worker.

Kind of werid because he was alerting all night and this am (I felt fine). He knows when my body isn’t right.

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Bless him, what a very clever Timbit.

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He is! Well I just ‘went’ again and no blood - I texted my doctor and waiting to hear what the next step is.

Sounds like good news, keep me posted wat the doc says :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I will. Definitely. Mean time this is happening :slight_smile:


Perfect :blush::blush::blush::blush: same here…


OMG smoooch the puppers

He said he’s not so concerned - no ER

Great news :blush::+1::blush::blush:

Are you wearing odd socks!?:joy: