Emotional attachment to alcohol

I was wondering if anyone has an emotional attachment to alcohol and if so what’s the best way to get rid of it.


Hi Gary! I think a lot of people have an emotional attachment, I used to feel as if I was losing my best friend. My companion in good times and bad times, the only one that was always there (how pathetic is that? :roll_eyes:)
I started reading books on the topic (This naked mind, alcohol experiment, quit like a woman), and watching documentaries (eg risky drinking). That made me change my view on alcohol drastically. I’m not too long into sobriety (just over 3 months), but right now I don’t crave it all! I see it as poison by now!


Yes. One time I quit I get really depressed because I was ‘losing’ a friend.

I later realized that what I was mourning was what I thought I was going to lose. I also realized that what I was losing was nothing of value.

My current quit, I changed my relationship with alcohol. Instead of mourning it’s absence and pining for the days of old, I saw it for what it is, a destructive poison that will kill. There is nothing romantic about it.

The longer I’ve been sober, the more I realize that everything I thought alcohol did for me, I could do myself. It added zero value, all it did was take away value from my life.

Good Riddance!


I went to meetings and my attachment was removed wish you well


Addicted to alcohol yes, emotionally attached no. Alcohol robbed my emotions. Now I discover my emotions and try to identify which ones they are!!. And that’s through connecting with other addicts and learning about their journeys.:pray::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: